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Friday, June 22, 2012


Another day here in Daisyville. You know I been thinking MIGHTY HARD about writing my exact thoughts and my exact experiences that I actually come across or witness or work through. It is my intention not to belittle or down or make fun of BUT!!! I could not make up stories as good as what I actually experience. You know that Ripley's thing "truth is stranger than fiction!" Damn that be for sure!

I can not bring myself to do it YET! I want to, I WANT TO BAD! I continue to stop myself  .... because .... well ... the feeling of being made fun off as a kid is still bleeds within my mind. So I reckon I will use some real ding-a lings that I encounter in pure fictionalized form in some of my short stories.

I'm doing good on my change of eating. Eating better feeling better. I wish to address a habit I have had since I learn to read. You see I cut my teeth on reading ANYTHING and EVERYTHING as I was putting these letters together in understandable fashion. A door opened and I truly fell in love, no other way to say it! This habit I wish to break is the reading of the daily newspaper. I love holding the newspaper and reading  SOME of the stories, yes I do! The stories worth reading are few and far between, hidden between so much nonsense. I do love the funnies and will miss them. I must go cold turkey!

Why am I doing this? In my new world of information of the world at my fingertips. I have found myself perusing the catchy silliness of the never ending bombardment of the information highway. These headlines that have taken over the newspapers, the mass media of the local and world news by a select few. They're attempting to take over the inter-net as surely as God didn't make little green apples and it don't rain in Indianapolis in the summer time. I wean myself from the television, especially the news programs and the weather channel. I decided if I want to know what the weather is outside today, I'll just walk outside. Why in the hell do we need 24 hour a day weather news for, HUH!

Sorry, I got on a roll. I wish to do away with as much mind numbing brainwashing and manipulation as possible. Begone! In the search for me I don't want to find anyone but me! I wish to think for myself and not let outside manipulators with their agendas into my world. I really do think ... I already have enough lunatics and crazies within the cozy confines of Glen View to last the rest of my life.

Besides, I absolutely DO NOT want NOBODY but ME to come out! I know, I know, I'm probably scaring the crap outta you!

My future desire is to write stories of which I have a plenty, many incomplete. The dilemma I find myself a facing is this. The kind of stories I most love to write, a most recent example is 'The Mercedes' earlier this month. I come home one night after work in an extremely relaxed state of being. Rarely after a hard day's night am I in this peaceful frame of mind. When this happens it's wonderful ... magnificent! This story pops out. This is where I wish to go and am committed to working towards this goal. My problem is, if I don't complete the story while I'm in that ... zone so to speak the story is lost.

So I'm working on myself physically, mentally, spiritually. Anyhow that's where I wish to go. PLEASE STAY TUNED TO GLEN VIEW. HOPEFULLY I'M JUST GETTING STARTED!   Your friend Glen.

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