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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Is The Mine Closed Down Permanently?

I think I have been reading too much lately. When I close my eyes I see a circle swirling like when your computer is in that searching mode. You know ...  that little circle, searching for that info you requested. My computer's been acting mighty strange as late. That searching circle just stays on like it's tired or somethun. (I like the way somethun sounds so ... Me, you see!)

I'm afraid to search once more for the tapped out resources of an old 'mine'. I thought I was tapped out and closed down forever. Good air still rushes through deep caverns helps to carry a ray of light buried deep still flickering, holding hope captive, one day to renew love of life as only a child understands. Imagination, love has been lost to to the pains of simply living.

Life can be a pain in the ass! Can one re-learn what seems lost, forgotten? Not long ago I would say "no way Jose!" Now ...  I lie on the verge of re-consideration ... Oh my! ... Is that why that dad-burn circle searches, when I close my eyes or is my computer search cycle mode permanently etched into my eyes?????  GOODNIGHT MY FRIENDS! FROM O'L G ...................

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