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Saturday, June 9, 2012


It's the end of another work week. I feel the need to type on my little letter board. It's correctly I suppose referred to as the 'keyboard.' I have not yet found a key, nor the place to put the key! Most recently I lost my car keys. It sure is handy to keep a spare. A spare key to anything that locks ... DUH!!! I have lost keys many times, usually they show up in a day or two.

This fricking keyboard has me thinking, ah oh! Yep! You read my mind! What be the key to this keyboard? Perhaps I have a defective keyboard! Sometimes it does the strangest things! Once upon a time, a few days ago. See looky there! Is that oxymoronish or just plain old moron? Most likely the latter! I have been fighting this keyboard fer a couple years, seems much longer, that's why I threw in that once upon a time phrase! In actuality, I have been a learning this keyboard and playing with this little mouse for a short while,  beating  my head against the wall. You know its not easy picking up on things, that were not around when you were born .... No, no, no,  there was typewriters way back then, not computers! 

You see I had very little likelihood, more like nary a chance of making a living with my head, here in corn country. There was no brainiacs in my family. I be the average of the average of the ones in Daisyville. Man we can plow them fields, run them bush hogs, bring in them crops with our combines. Them be the rich, smart ones! I could turn over soil with a shovel, mow grass with a lawnmower, and pick them beans. I hope I have clarified that for ya!

I's (Damn I don't know why I put that 's behind I, but I like it!) got what I refer to as the grassroots learning. (Sorry, it's my inner workings again, I reckon I was green before 'green' was the in word!)  I come from the bare earth, been fertilizing, watering my mind, my whole life! I'm a works in process. I been working on my process fer a long time. I'm hoping my ship will one day come in, after a lifetime at sea, you see!

I reckon I have common sense. I'm common alrighta, that sense sometimes seems to slip away! It don't matter one iota, no more!!! As my hero says "I am what I am!" Then he let go with a "Ah, ha, ha, ha!" Words of wisdom too powerful for a six year old, as he watches cartoons at Grammies house. No, he did not have the luxury of a television at home. This little boy was an inquisitive watcher! He watched Mom and Grandma hang wallpaper and he got to wipe off the paste from the table so they could hang another strip. He got to spend time with his Grandpa planting a large garden and enjoying the fruits of labor. He helped his other Grandpa raise and butcher hogs to fill the freezer for the long hard winter. He mowed grass, shoveled snow, sold produce, passed papers for the local Daisyville Gazette. He was a 'watcher' an 'observer' a student of  'Realityville.' That trait carried over into his wonder years! Yes, I wonder where life has gone! My hair is white, my face is wrinkled.

The greatest pleasure in my life is learning, reading, observing. Although sometimes it be a double edge sword! I am the common everyday man and lover of the base's of life! No matter what life gives you, we must adapt, learn, love move on. One never knows a rainbow may lie behind the darkest cloud.... Goodnight my friends.

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