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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

"Crazy As A Loon!"

It's late night an old man gets ready to go to bed. What does he do well if you're a regular old man you probably put on your pajamas brush your teeth, if you still have any, relieve your overactive bladder, let the dog out, turn off all the lights, check the doors, locking your poor 14 year old poochie out and get into bed. Then you realize you forgot something, uh yeah, the dog!

Well I ain't no regular old man, you see! I take my nighttime sleepy-poo meds and where do I go? Yep to the computer. I have about 90 minutes before my brain stops and I must jump into bed. I start typing whatever is on my mind, yep ... yep... yep! It be my personal meditation + that medication don't do no harm. (OOPSEY I FEAR IT DONE, DONE THE DAMAGE SO'S I ROLL WITH IT!) I clean out the drains that may of got plugged up working here in Daisyville. Some days my drain needs rotor-rootering from what I encounter. On these days I must use the industrial strength mind aleviator my Doctor prescribed. I take me a double shot of "Mind Run Free", then I shake my head a few times go "whoooo" and I be ready! Ready for my fingers to do some walking, talking, telling, typing, WHATEVER! Sometimes I get wound up and testify. Yes I do! Sometimes I be plum silly! That's alright mama, ain't it? Sometimes I feel like telling me a story! Sometimes I be mad! I don't mean crazy mad you already know I'm CRAZY. I've heard the phrase "as crazy as a loon," what in tarnation is a loon anyhow? 

Well such as I really ain't got nothing to say, how-za bout-a I look this here word loon up! Well seems I hit the mother lode here boys and girls. Loon, a clumsy, stupid person, a crazy person. Yep, I sure have known a fair amount of loons in my lifetime. I swear I see them EVERYWHERE I go! They be everywhere here in my hometown of Daisyville. If it continues at the rate it has I reckon we will have to rename it CRAZYVILLE, CLUMSYVILLE or my personal favorite, STUPID-PERSON-VILLE! Do you just reckon it be something in the water, them sugary drinks that the Mayor of N. Y. wants to limit, or the pesticide shit or all them new seeds being developed in these hidden laboratories.........................

Side note here********** What do you reckon them Mad Scientist be a-makin in them deep underground caverns. Genetically altered seeds I'll betcha ain't the only thing a brewin in these laboratories!

Well lookee her loon is also fish eating diving birds with a sharp bill and webbed feet, found mainly in subarctic regions: noted for its weird cry.

Well I'll Be darn, where else you gonna learn all these things, cepting fer here in Glen's neighborhood. AH, HA, HA, HA, HA! Goodnight now ya here!

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  1. I think I have some pictures of loons that I took awhile ago...will have to find one and post it for you. I'm talking about the bird loon, not the loony loons haha.

    Hmmm, what are they brewing in those labs? Maybe it is best we don't know what the LOONS down there are doing. Or maybe we should just seal the entrances to those places and let them live down there with what they have created???