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Wednesday, June 6, 2012


Welcome to my neighborhood. I call it Glen View. It ain't much but it's all mine, my rants, views, opinions, humor and whatever comes through. No I don't want no spirits, no one other than what lies in the far reaches of my noodle.(Slang for mind.) There's no rooms ready for visiting entities, spirits, anything other than what's in this realm. Sheesh, that be more than enough for old Glen! I looked up automatic writing. I don't want any wayward vagabonds channeling through my mind. I have more than enough thoughts in my head just getting through the wayward ones I come into contact with in my every day world of 'specially challenged ones' that come through our school systems. I reckon most of my thoughts are not good so don't none of you ones in them other worlds be coming around me, now ya'here!!!

I be trying to understand this here 'Stream of Consciousness' writing. My buddy Uh-Clem has mentioned this a couple times and I still say "HUH!" I don't know "shit from shanola" bout no styles, writing etiquette and all that crap! I be an old knucklehead that one day decided, I'm going to teach myself how to type and write whatever comes into my noggin. (Slang for mind, once again.) WHY did I want to? Hell I don't know! Seemed more productive than listening to the news, drinking beer, smoking marijuana, taking Prozac and other activities I could get involved in!

CONFESSION, I reckon, reason or think maybe I might have an ulterior motive. By the way seems to me like the word should be interior motive, rather than ulterior motive, but I stay confused all the time so I'll go with ulterior motive. Since I'm in pre-school as far as this writing stuff goes, I'll go with what I think I have heard the word ulterior used. Suddenly I realise or is it realize. You know some books I read spell realise 'realise', where other books spell realize, 'realize'. See how easy it is for me to get confused. Okay now factor in a significant hearing loss which I have had my entire life AND someone with a little sense might say "forget this writing thing dude"!

Damn it! I had a point I was about to make and then ... One of them wayward spirits knocked on my mind's door. HA! ha! ha! I fooled them, I didn't have my hearing aids in! I never heard them knocking. You see sometimes being special as in mentally and hearing challenged is handy! Although this 'challengd' thing seems to of gotten out of hand in my lifetime! I have come to a conclusion too many Aliens hiding behind their Space Ship with the cloaking device turned on out behind the trees, waiting ... just waiting for the man of the house to go to work, so ... that they can ... Well use your imagination!!! (PLEASE DON'T TELL ME I HAVE TO EXPLAIN THIS TO YOU!)

I wanted to see what being left all alone with a keyboard would do to me. Would you believe a friend of mine, Uh-Clem signed me up for this bloggy-thing-a-ma-jig. Mercy sakes alive "what were he thinking!"

I hear ya out there asking "why didn't I sign myself up to this bloggy thing-a-ma-bob?"

Ye must be right new to Glen View! That's quite alright and I appreciate it! I'm an old man, from the old school. That means we never had such things as computers when I went to school back in the days of one room school houses and out houses you see! Sorry! I'm having some fun with you, although I never had a reason for a computer until I began this madness into the world of Glen View! 

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