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Thursday, June 14, 2012

du u ? my sanity?!!!

Welcome my friends into my almost nightly trek into??? I reckon the title says it best! A one man's journey into his mind, hence Glen View as in the old fashion names for Sanitariums. Please hold somethun interestingly silly just occurred at the top of my empty elevator shaft. Please hold ... Sorry I don't furnish elevator music so hum somethun for a few seconds ... Okay! I may of just hit the mother lode as far as understanding this here Sanitarium word, you will have to let me explain my way. That means visiting inside my mind, please don't be frightened. I have been approved and open for business by some of them government agencies. Oh shit! Now I'm scaring myself! I almost typed scarring myself and that also seems relevant so's a I'll leave that in!

Sanitarium is a quiet resort, as in the mountains, where people go to rest and regain health. WHAT! I thought it was a mental institution filled with nut cases such as was portrayed in the book One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest. (Yes, I read the book and am guilty of seeing the movie.) You know since I be a thinking A mite more than usual, you know that Jack Nicholson sure seems to play crazy type characters good! Oh! but he wasn't crazy was he? He be crazy after that electro-shock therapy!

Damn! Damn! Damn! I can't think straight fer nothing! I had me a brainiac moment and lost it! 

So ones where their sanity is questioned are sent to sanitariums, where their sanitized or as the dictionary says "to make sanitary as by sterilizing, behind door number 2 is to free from anything considered undesirable, damaging, etc."

I see this is getting way to deep fer a country boy to understand. Nursey Cratchett, Ratchett, oh crikey whatever in the book sanitized the character o'l Jackie boy portrayed in the movie, by sterilizing his brain.

 (Another thought just side swiped me.) You can buy these stun guns, where you buy the old fashioned Smith and Western 44 magnum side arms. What would the poor defenseless woman of today be carrying? She, not be wanting to clean up no blood off her party dress, a 44 magnum won't fit in her tiny purse. She be most likely carrying a stun gun to fry your ass and watch you flail around on the ground laughing, yep that be my vote. She gonna sanitize that meanness right out a ya!

Let's move on shall we? Sanitarian, well that seems most logical to me. That's an old person living in an old folks home who has been sanitized OR one of them Freudian Doctor's with long whiskers who has the title Doctor of Sanitarian here at the Sanitarium, yep, that makes sense. Dr. of Sanitarian sounds much better than saying "how-dy! I'm Dr. Billy Ray Earl Bob, I'm here to sanitize your mind body or whatever ails you. One month with me and all them unsanitary thoughts, bad habits, whatever will go away."

(Nursey Cratchett, Ratchett, Crikey is looking better!)

OOPS! SORRY!I best look up sanitarian. Dad burn it! Done threw me fer a loop, damn Dick Headed Dictionary screws everything up!!! (Oh! Was my brain turned on, never mind my mind!) Let's TRY to achieve some level of sanity here! I shall try once more to regain a sliver of sanity, let's try the root of this word.

San, I like this, a Japanese honorific title equivalent to Mr.., Mrs., [Mishima-san]

A version I'm partial to, is sane. I have heard ones asking about me "is that man sane?"   

You know I would like to visit one of them nice, quiet, places in the mountains. I wonder if my HMO could get me a free week or two during the off season? I believe it would be just the thing I need to get away from Daisyville. I reckon I could give them Dr's a workout! Yeah that be my ticket every few months I could get my ticket punched and help train them new Freudian want a be's a real look at what Sanitariums are all about!!  Goodnight from Glen View.  

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  1. Hahaha! Your idea of spending time in the mountains is definitely different than mine. I think I will settle for a nice little cabin tucked away in the woods with a little clearing that gives a great view of the mountains. Oh and over there on top of that mountain I see something, a building...... is that your sanitarium?? I shall come visit you and make sure they are treating you right. Or do they even allow visitors in that sanitarium??

    My friend, I never question your sanity. Sane or not, I love your blogs. You always make me smile .