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Monday, June 25, 2012

Mrs. Wright Tries Teaching Me To Write, Right!

I'm working on some short stories that originally held a rather short idea. For whatever reason them short stories keep getting longer! At what point does a short story become a long story? Or does a short story stay a short story until you have so much it becomes a short book. I reckon I'm plum confused, but that ain't nothing new now is it?  The one story I wish to complete is tentatively titled 'The Golden City' about a dream. (It was one hell of a dream, if I may say so!)

Okay what is new out there in the world? I have intentionally curtailed my newspaper addiction. My blood pressure elevates just looking upon Politicians. I got rid of that television news a long time ago. The only tv I watch is an occasional pre-recorded movie. A friend gave me The Green Lantern. I remember the comic book with him as a child, so I reckon I'll watch it. Just so you'll understand how much I watch tv is I still have one of them old tube type tv's. Shucky derns that's plenty good enough for me. As long as that Green Lantern is green, that'll be right's good!

My mission is to read and learn to write. Seems easy enough hey? If one has read all their life then one should be able to write right, right?

ALERT! ALERT! I just wrote something that makes perfect sense to me but I hear my eighth grade English teacher MRS. Wright saying inside my head "Glen you know that is not right! Didn't you do your English work book?"

Well this is what I would tell her. NA, NA, NA, NA, NA, NA! "I DON'T CARE THIS IS MY BLOG AND YOU GET OUTTA MY HEAD, MRS. WRIGHT!"

I have a friend that told me "you have to know the rules in order to break them!"

He be talking about all them rules that I never learned during twelve years of schooling, what in the world makes him think a 60 year old man is a gonna learn them now! Poor silly college educated mechanical engineer! OOPS! Hope he don't read this, nah, he be too smart! Ah, ha, ha, ha! 

Is Mr. Spock gonna do a Vulcan Mind Melt and give me properess or something! That be the only way this here old man gonna l-e-a-r-n what he ain't learned!

Mr' Spock go poking his mind into my mind, he'll be looking completely spaced out into deep space the rest of his life and Bones will not be able to help him! (Sorry I watched the reruns of Star Trek many years ago, I humbly apoligize!)   (( I made myself laugh or it might be my meds! I typed I humbly apoligige!!! hahaha! 

Damn baby! I'm nuttier than last year's fruit cake at Christmas and almost as old!

I betcha there be a lot of college ones that ain't using their learned learning and be a making $$$$'s from their smarts. They ain't fooling this old country boy none. Them Politicians hire the best speech writers $$$$'s can buy. Them speech writers have them smarter than me people salivating at the proper-prettiness of the words a coming out of them Politicians mouth's. You actually think them Ivy League Politicians write their speeches. Man oh man, you just have to talk right pretty or be an actor like Ronald Reagan. How in the world Richard Nixon ever become pesident, I don't know!!!

Gosh darn it! I plum went off on a tirade! Sorry former presidents and all you millionaire pretty writing writers. 

Well I forgot what it was I was gonna say before Mrs Wright done messed me up! See what all this attempting to go by the rules has done to me! One messed up old man! I'll just betcha there is a lot of people who love to read that can't write worth a hoot!

You know what them smarty pants educators with all them letters behind all their years of higher learning are talking about doing here in my state? There's talk of no longer teaching school children how to write. They call it cursive. Lord have mercy! Some of them kids sure know all them curse words and some I don't know. They be creating their own language anyway called texting.

Excuse me a few seconds so as I can go back and see if I had something I wanted to say BUT per usual got sidetracked........ 

WELL MY GOAL IS TO KEEP MY STILL ALIVE AND KICKING HARD IMAGINATION, ALIVE! I reckon some good, proper, right, writing will have to rub off, sooner or later, ya rekon? NA, NA, NA, NA, NA, NA! If it does it does, if it don't, it don't. Mean while I'm having more fun than a crazy old hoot should! Y'ALL COME BACK NOW YA HERE!   (Damn I hope my buddy Ah-Clem don't read this! NO it don't matter he already knows I'm NUTS!!!!)     Glen! 

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  1. I will let you in on a little secret here Glen. I was scrolling through the blogs here several months ago and I came across your friend's blog and started reading it for a few days. He is an excellent writer, but intimidating to me because of that fact. I find it hard to comment on blogs like his, not that I don't understand his words, but because I am not articulate enough to make and intelligent comment on some of those deeper subjects. So one day when I was reading his blog, I started clicking on the blogs of his followers and lo and behold I ended up in GlenView and felt right at home ! Hmmm what does that tell you about me? Hahaha So I honestly think you are a very intelligent person even though you sometimes pretend you are not. And I LOVE your style of writing as you well know, so don't go learning how to write like some big educated person, or I will have to find a new Professor to follow ! Seriously though, you can learn to write better if you want, but I hope you don't stop writing like you usually do.

    Hmmm I can't answer your question about when does a short story become a book. I think if it is not too long it is a novella and then it is a novel. Heck, I don't know!!

    Anyway, good post Glen and don't change, you are fine the way you are :-)