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Saturday, June 23, 2012


Man oh man, am I tired! How dare employers make an old man work overtime so another employee can take a vacation? Let me examine the logic behind this? I thought the whole idea of having part time employees was to eliminate paying overtime of which they pay me time and a half. So you make a man with more seniority, so's a man with lesser seniority can take a vacation. Maybe it's just me, but don't make no sense at all! From a money and accounting standpoint makes no sense. I don't want the overtime, don't get me wrong the money comes in handy. Long hours does not agree with me in my old age.

Oh crikey! I'm trying to eliminate negativity and this kind of talk! Please forgive me as I'm only human and have aggravated an old sciatic thing-a-ma-jig. Let's see if I can change the subject.

Caught myself looking at the newspaper, old habits are hard to break AIN'T THEY? "To read OR not to read that be the question, whether it be better for me to or not to!"

What the hell was that? You see how tired I be! This be my way of relaxing and exorcising the evil of the todayness. (That ain't a word but allow an old tired man this okey-dokey.) (( I really be TIRED, I go back and reread that todayness sentence .... it actually makes sense!))

What am I gonna write about? I don't think this old turkey carcass of a brain has been picked completely clean yet! (Aw come on, don't tell me, this old tired man has to explain that to ya?)

I am sitting here at the computer typing with one hand, why? The other hand is busy fighting with the cat. There be's no rest! Actually it's fun! This cat is something else mind-ya.. I can't never remember its name.. I just call it Kitty, original I know! Its name is Eshack, Meshack, Abendigo or something to that effect! You see why I call her Kitty now, DON'T YA?

Well I may as well tell a little story about Kitty since I opened my brain a mite. Less than two years ago a female kitten appeared around our house in late summer. Well we feed it and since we didn't have any cats at that one particular moment in history, we let it stay. We said "we must get her fixed," too late! Since we have a few acres and a barn, oh well! That little She Devil had five. We fixed all of them and the outside ones roam and do whatever outside or barn cats do! Well the runt of the litter is Kitty and them others have them Bible names you see. Kitty has wrestled with my left hand and fell asleep with her paws wrapped around it. Oh well, she has taken away the uneasiness of a worn out old man. I move my fingers and her tail moves, she purrs, her paws still holding on to me. This way of relaxing seems good to me and Kitty.         

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  1. I have a cat and believe it or not his name is CAT. I hope your sciatica eases up. I've not had that problem yet, but I know people who have and I know it is painful. Get some rest, relax and have a good weekend my friend. I am going over to my page shortly to show you how many ways a bird can pose since you asked the question *smiles*