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Friday, June 15, 2012

More Fun In Glen's Neighborhod!

What be the post fer today? You see, I actually have not one idea. I mosey on over to my computer, kinda sneaky, ignoring it. I let it think I'm going to bed. Damn it! I must sit down and before you know, I find myself touching the mouse and away I go. Whatever comes to the forefront I type, hopefully to grab hold to somethun, before you know it, I'm asleep at the keyboard and take a nappy-poo. In case you don't believe me I would NEVER use such a word as nappy-poo if I were awake! It's only in the in between world of awake and dreams when I write. Yep, the next day after a good night's sleep I again mosey over the the computer and see what I wrote. I've heard of ghost writers, I do reckon it be somethun like that, only I don't know any ghost, so's I take a nap and my sleeping mind does the writing whilst old Glen gets his ZZZZZ's.

Okay let's change the subject. World news, nah! National news nah! Political news well ... no, ainna gonna start on that, one word seems to sum it up nicely 'crap'. Local news, corn be growing only we need rain BAD!

I be doing right nice on my life style change as in eating much better. Damn I never knew eating better could be so good. Them fast food grease laden manufacturing places from hell, no longer entice old Glen no more. I never would a thunk it in all my born days! I got off work early tonight and used to be I would hid to Taco Hell, where I would shock my old body with all the good/bad food. Good a tasting going down the tube but my belly and my intestines be a saying "what the !@#$ is this old !@#$er trying to do to himself?" Now I get me some peanuts and a diet drink, I'm still trying to get off that diet stuff.

Work, well, work is work, you know! It ain't called work fer nothing! Although some ones must think it's called 'visiting' or 'hanging out' or 'stand around' or 'recess' or fooling 'around' or 'do what I wanna do' or as Bartelby would say "I'd rather not"! Makes me wonder what is the true definition of work?

Home work was brain work carried home from school. Seems to me school work should be done in school, rather logical one might say! When you're at home there ain't no teacher, WHY should I do school work at home? I spend a lot of my day at school AND if them teachers can't teach me at school. la-de-da! I can tell by the ones I work with THEY didn't DO no homework! I was SO SMART I did not take any school work home with me! If I took a school book home with me then my Mama might ask "do you have any home work"? So's I would not be lying you see when I say "NO"!

The dictionary defines wurk as damn! there ain't no such wurd as wurk, in my dictionary! the closest wurd i find is wurst. well ... we all know what wurst means ... it means wurst. i'll use it in a sentence. the uther day was the wurst day of my life. how so? i's goes to wurk and the mean ol boss made me wurk ovurtime.

SURRY!!! wurst according to the explain wurd book. wurst is sausage, what? oh there is mure, oftun used in combinatiun [bratwurst, knackwurst]. OH! NEVURMIND!   I can see we have NO place to go but up from here!

WORK, physical or mental effort exerted.... what? I see very little of this! Let's try number 2, employment at a job or position. I got to think upon this excuse me as I ponder upon such words ....... they do employ people and I see them standing at certain positions! Oh my! It goes on and on adding words behind work such as workable and ends up with work woman. Sheesh I see now! Nobody understands the word work therefore they can't do it!!! THAT'S WHY THERE IS NO WORK LEFT IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA!!!

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