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Sunday, September 14, 2014


The Elders of the universe cry. The little planet with everything to give, is in a state of impending doom. It should be utopia, natural resources a plenty. Why oh why . . .  is such a beautiful world being led to Armageddon?

The diamond in the rough nears self-destruction. How many bombs of annihilation does a tiny planet need?

The question is, let it play out to destruction, only to be re-seeded and grown again.

Interfere, many wish to do this. Too many good people shall be destroyed by the few who are sickened by the diseases of power, greed, control.

Wipe out the diseased ones, and save most of humanity, seems most logical!

After all in the animal kingdom the strong survive, the weak are weaned out.

Somehow in the human kingdom things have gone astray.

How is it possible that the regular humans are controlled like cattle to slaughter?

All are born and grow up with the same level of intelligence. Wrong.

The true ones of the earth, are simple ones, growing, living off the land, raising their young, seeing themselves as one with this beautiful planet.

The manipulative ones are lazy, educated in slavery, control, the simple ones of the land, are conquered, forced against their wishes, to either play the games or be destroyed. That's what happens when ones see the world from two different views.

To be simple, raise families, enjoy the simplistic needs of life.

Others are all about greed, control, those are their values.

The Elders decide to eliminate those not pure of heart.  


  1. I am quite worried about you Glen. I hope you are ok.

    I have closed my blog , but will be opening a different one and when I do, I will let you know where to find me.

    Please be ok :-(