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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Whatever I do!

What's up? I feel, I say, I say . . . I feel the need to type a wee somethun on my good friend Hewie Picardo. (Fer those who donna know a nuthin, bout me, I feel good, today, yes I do!) "Why?" Hell I don't know, just do! Ah oh! I'm must be getting sick! Been busy, real busy with life shit. Ya, know! I'm sure ya do!

Been a workin my big ass off on my new job! You know what, I like it! Back on days after nye onto ten years on the graveyard shift. NOW, I see why it's called The Graveyard Shift. It'll fricking kill ya, sure-nuff.

Man oh man . . . I feel like shouting from the roof-tops, I've forgotten what sleeping during regular sleeping hours feels like. Sleeping about seven hours a night as sound as a . . . a . . . a . . . right good!

I do miss writing and plan to work it much more as I get adjusted. Just seems like there is a heap more things going on in the daytime. SUCH AS LIFE!

Lost my other old dog Pedro a couple weeks ago. Funny how you can get attached to four legged creatures.

All in all, things going right nice fer this old fart. Funny, how life has it's ups and downs. I reckon there's a reason huh? Enjoy them good times because life is all about them ups and downs ain't it?

When I began this exercise in ??? I knew I wanted to learn to type and get some of this here junk in my head into words, stories and such. I be in a real quandary in the beginning (Shit I stay in one!) not knowing nothing about nuthin, about words, Well I'm here to tell ya, I still don't, but I made the decision to just say whatever is on my mind. Kind a like if we were sitting in my living room talkin. Ya see sometimes I can be silly, in person and dag-gone it I want that to come through in my writing. Yes I do! There be too much sadness, troubles and the like in this here's old world. We need more humor, fun and maybe a tad of wisdom will peek outta them there clouds, ya know what I mean.  SURE YOU DO!

Please stay tuned for more of whatever it is I do!

Oh! Oh! Oh! My little project with my old 19 inch Toshiba TV is going good, picking up about twenty of them free channels with a $40.00 antenna. Seeing high definition on that old thing tickles the cockles of an old man's heart. WHY? HELL I DON'T KNOW JUST DOES! Goodnight my friends as always thanks fer tuning in! (A wee funny there!)

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  1. I'm glad to see you are feeling good. Glad to see you writing a bit again. Glad things are going well for you with work and home and every little thing. *smiles*

    I had a rough weekend which I will write a bit about later. But wanted to let ya know I read your post today and I see another one so will get to it.

    Have a great week dear Glen!!