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Sunday, April 28, 2013

I'm Still Standing!

I would like to apologize for not posting recently been real busy. Seems I have put off many things for years and am now trying to get them done. I have been working around the house with projects now that spring is here and I'm back on a normal shift. I actually am beginning to think I'm somewhat normal. (Well now we all know that's not true! HA! HA!)

SEEM'S AS THOUGH A NEW AND HOPEFULLY EXCITING CHAPTER HAS BEGUN IN A OLD FART'S LIFE! (That be me! Another attempt at humor. Damn I love humor, I truly do!)

Many thoughts have crossed my mind. One, I'm toying with is, writing the way my half deaf ears hear's words. I have done some, but wish to try it more when I am attempting my humor. Example is leaving the g off of some words ending in ing, like, something. Why? Hell I don't know, possibly to break up the boredom, Actually to be quite honest to you I don't hear the g on some words. I think it will be a hoot.

I thought of another idea in my meanderin escapades in frustration in tryin to accomplish the simplest of jobs recently while shoppin at what is called retail stores today. Along with that is another thing I'mma kickin around tentatively titled. "Darwinism and Creationism" only it ainna gonna be a what ya think!

A pet project I've been wanting to do fer quite a spell now is buying one of them converter boxes that picks up the digital over the air as in free T. V channels. I live a way's a way from the metropolitan cities where the signals come from. I have one of them tower's from where we used to have a channel master antenna on top of it, about 30 feet in the air. Well now I've noticed them damn little analog to digital converter boxes are becoming hard to find, and well . . . I have a 30 year old Toshiba television set that the housing was made where I once worked and it's no longer in business, and well . . . the television ain't worth diddly-squat to nobody, but fer old times sake I want to see a picture on it again. Any way's  I bought me one of them converter boxes and a relatively cheap all directional inside antenna. I'm only receiving 11 channels through it but am well pleased with the quality of the pictures. Well now old Glen looked up them new type antennas on the internet and for a reasonable price I can get me a powerful antenna and place it on my tower and Lordy! Lordy! Who knows what I'll be able to pick up then! I'll keep ya informed of this project of mine.

Just wanted to let ya know I'm still standin and beginnin  a new and hopefully not the final chapter in me life. Goodnight my friends and thinks fer visitin, Glen View


  1. Noooo say it is not so!! You can't be normal. If you are normal who am I going to hang out with here on Blogger?? haha

    Sounds like you have some good ideas for your blogging. Now to find the time ......but your home, family and "real" life should always come first. I will be here reading as usual when you get the time :-)

  2. Two decades ago I dealt with a "Turkish" gentleman who needed all the tech on what persons could see, it never struck me until recently he was a komissar/censor.

    Love your stuff.

    Get some pear cider down you.

    From a fellow spring heart.