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Sunday, April 21, 2013

Times . . . They Are A Changing!

"Holy Mackeral!" Times sure are a changing. (Oh crap that sure does sound familiar, don't it?)

"Sure nuff," hell everything there is to say has been said over and over (one more time) and over again.

"Well then why in the hell, do we that love to read and write, continue?  (Beats the snot out of me!)

As you quite possibly have noticed "I love to have FUN!" (I'm a trained unprofessional.)


tO mE . . . doting all the i's and crossing all the t's is BORING! (Not only that, I can't, nope, nada!)

Why do I peck around on them letters, chicken pecking like? (Oopsey . . . that be keyboard!)

Ya see, I love a to be spontaneous. (Yep fer sure, that be me. Mr. Glen R. Spontaneous.)

So back to where I started, as in everything there is to say, has been said countless times before.

It be the twists and twangs of different writers, and when poetry hits the mark as in the heart. It's so beautiful, even an old man like me, sheds a tear. The emotional content in a few words say what I can't say in a thousand words. When we feel what the writer is conveying, it fills are hearts, becoming a part of us. We identify with the writer in a special bonding way. And that's so beautiful!


I went to The Shack Saturday to buy a combination VCR/DVD recorder. Okay, maybe I best back up a little, a tad, a wee bit.

AH OH! AM I GETTING ONE OF THEM DISORDERS WHERE YOU HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING THREE TIMES? Maybe not since I actually didn't repeat little, little, little, three times. You know I'm so afraid of getting one of these new fangled disorders. Yep! Seems they keep coming up with new disorders and letters to explain them disorders all the time. The government must be bankrolling these Psychiatrists to keep coming up with this new labeling system. It surely do sound like something the government would do to me.


"I'm out of order, your out of order, dag-nap-it, we're all be out of order!" "And have disorders."

So I'm at the electronic store, gonna buy me something to recorder the television shows we miss sometimes. No! No! No! Don't get me wrong Mr. and Mrs. Me (that kinda cute ain't it?)

Dag-gone it I'll never get this here story a told if my disorders don't take a time out!

Okay! okay! okay! Electronic store to record TV. Well now, old man Mr. Me has not been to this store in many a moons, well many a years, shit this century. Ya see the last time I was there at The Shack place it did not look nothing, I say "nothing" like the store I went in Saturday.

Just recently I retired my 25 year old R. C. A. television, fer me a new 39 inch flat ass screen one yep, it be a Sammy Sung. Man oh man does it have a nice picture. So ya see I tell y'all this because seems I be about 25 fricking years behind the technology. I'm still using a DVD player my brother bought me as a gift a long time ago. It still works fine. The old R.C.A. television still worked fine. Why I decided to warp light years ahead I have no fricking idea. I reckon I had me a few hundred dollars to spend for Christmas, from overtime $'s, and had to buy something. (Damn I'll never get this story told.)

The technology has blown by me so fricking fast, my head won't stop spinning. I asked the lovely sales woman at The Shack about a DVD recorder to record some programs on and since I have many old VHS tapes, I wanted a combination unit like they used to make. (Apparently last century!)

She started talking burners and such. Now I know what a burner is, barely!

I go into this store like I remember it being last century. Now dig this the store is Called Radio Shack. Radio I understand, DVD player, I understand, VCR I understand.

I knew I was in trouble as soon as I opened the fricking door. Half of the store was cellphones and apps. and such stuff. I mosey on back deep into the store, now these stores are small by the mega marts of today. There is not one radio, one TV, one recorder of any kind that I recognize. I look around figuring, I best get the hell out a here. Then the sales person appeared and I stuttered something like, or about recording, television, DVD, VCR and something, hells fire, I be so confused bout now I don't know nothing!

I was beside these satellite dishes and computer what-nots, because I knew what-not they be, and she shows me this right pretty white box and says, you can use this to record off the TV. Man oh man! I never seen anything like it a fore!

I said "thank you very much" and got the hell outta there.

I be perplexed! Well right beside this shack was another store we go into to get some advantage for my dog. Guess what? You'll never believe it! A farm supply store that advertised this item was out! So I have two strikes against me. I go to a national chain store that says they have the best buy. (Oops I just said the name of the store unintentionally. This be a BIG ASS store.

I SEE THIS IS GOING TO TAKE A HEAP MORE EXPLAINING SO I'LL MAKE IT A TWO PARTER, PARTNERS!  Too continue if I don't go brain dead writing it! Maybe I'll wake up and it's just a dream. Nah! I could not be that lucky!

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  1. Oh my friend, I can so relate to you in this matter of technology. I don't know what I will do when my youngest daughter moves out because there will be no one to show me how to turn on the tv or get to what I might want to watch. Hmmm, I imagine my 19 month old granddaughter can help me. I have seen her actually change a channel with that remote control that has 20 something buttons on it besides the numbers. Yep, I will rely on her, yes I will.

    Looking forward to part two of your adventure.

    And writing, those of us that write..... it's in our blood my friend, and even some hell bent heart who is out to destroy us cannot change that.

    Thank YOU