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Friday, April 12, 2013

Cuckoo's Nest?

It's midnight and I really should be in bed. Especially since I work day shift. Humm . . . why am I still up and not snoring? Beats the shit out of me! It's the end of my first week on my new job. Ha, that's  funny. Why? Well I have done parts of this job for years, but not for eight hours a day and on day shift. Ah, that's the main point. I'm back on days after nine and a half years of working the dreaded graveyard shift! Damn! How time flies don't it? Always, my favoriteist (Yes I know it's supposed to be favorite, but this here's, Glenview, and guess what my name happens to be Glen!)  time of the work week has always been Friday and getting the hell out of here! Just makes me want to shout at the top of my lungs "yee-haw!" A sigh of relief just thinking about two days off away from this insanity/madness/whatever!  (Glenview as in Bellvue Sanitarium, you know nut house as in the movie "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest,")

(((You've never seen it, where have you been all you life?)))

Well now, the job I'll be spending the majority of time doing is my all-time favoriteist job, ever. Taking care of the unloading of trucks, stocking of product, material handling, warehousing and so on and so forth. The other part is general maintenance, taking care of a very important piece of machinery.

I feel the need to explain somewhat, okay? When I went to the graveyard shift pert-nert 10 years ago, I started working on this machine. It's one machine consisting of 14 individual machines working as one. Any way this machine wasn't being maintained and somehow I started fixing simple problems, greasing, basic "preventative" stuff, (maintenance should be used instead of stuff, but . . . I like how stuff, sounds better.) that had been neglected by . . . well leaders.

In a meeting about three weeks ago, where I had to fight to get this job, that was given to me, a gifted manager of words, said to me, "we want to utilize the skills you have accumulated." Well now that strikes me right funny as I look back at that conversation. These skills accumulated were out of dire necessity. Years of neglect on a very important piece of equipment had gone overlooked. I won't spell it out but those of you that have read much of GlenView will know. (Oh shit! Proper leadership has deteriorated, AIN'T IT?)

 (((I know you know what I'm a saying, don't you?)))

Well I happen to like what I'm doing and that's mighty important. You see I'm what's labeled by these shrinks, you know theses overly intelligent nin-ca-poops in the psychiatric community who puts labels on everything with initials, disorders and such. I'm categorized as an introvert.

Well now that leads me into one of my points here tonight on Glenview, where Glen gives his views his way and doesn't care whether you out there think I'm nuts!

I have a favorite comeback when somebody asks me "how are you?"

I reply, "I'm just fine it's everybody else I wonder about!"

I know myself and what I can pretty well capable off.

"It's them others I must come into contact with on a daily basis that I question, A LOT!


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  1. You know, I read your posts sometimes and it is almost scary that we are so much alike !!

    I'm glad you finally got that job and I really hope you can get your sleeping pattern back in order. I was thinking about that the other day when I read that you had gone to days. I thought that was going to mess with you a bit.

    You know, leadership these days is not all it is cracked up to be. The real sense lies with people like you and if not for those people there would not exist one single company. They would all go to pot.

    Have a great weekend dear Glen and get some rest so you can do it all again !!!!