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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Neighborhood 4/07/13

How are my friends? My brothers and sisters! Having been posting as much as I'd like to, but hey you know things happen. My goal is to finish Crime And Punishment by the end of the year. By the way how do you like that character Razumihin? He "wears his heart on his sleeve," so to speak. I like that, he's the kind of friends we could use more of. We're right into the book now with plenty more good stuff to go.

To those of you that haven't read many of my post. I'm an old man that loves this book, so much so, I decide to summarize and discuss things in this book, maybe give opinions once in a while. Don't rightly know why I want to do this, I just know I do! Anyhow  the book can be a tricky read and I'm trying to make it more understandable without ruining this masterpiece.

I had plan to add more of my thoughts and opinions but for some reasons I haven't done as mush as I thought I would. There's plenty left and possibly I will, I'm "winging" it so to speak!

I have been receiving extra hits from around the world and I thank y'all from the depths of an old man's heart. I only took up writing a couple years ago, never typed before, never used a computer. I use to be a hands on kind a guy, fixing pretty much anything around the house, you know like working with my hands. Well I suppose when you grow up poor you have to learn to do things out of necessity, don't you? "Hell yes!" I remember making money any way I could as a young in. Had me a paper route, then worked part-time in a restaurant during high school.

I did not excel in school after seventh grade. My closest friend, my grandpa died you see. My dad had many problems the love of the all addicting bottle being one of many. He basically had a good heart but many accumulated demons in his life-time ate him up from the inside.

My mother still alive "an angel here on earth." If not for her . . . lord telling where I'd be.

Two brothers and two sisters that managed to get enough of mothers qualities to be sound, good citizens.

Reminiscing a wee bit why? "Hell old Glen don't know! He just opens his mind and let's the keyboard take over, yep that really is the truth, if you have read many of my post besides C, A, P.  ya know that's true.

This most enjoyable passion of mine happened real late in life. "I reckon the old saying "it's never too late to teach a old dog new tricks is correct." I be an old human am and venturing into an unknown world. It's so @#%^ing fun, sometimes I can't stand it!!! Why? Well finding an avenue of expression in a topsy turvy world where people don't really care, to hear, NOR listen to what people say is a darn shame!


Damn, you people out there ask some tough ass questions!

I'm old-fashion and am as proud as I can be of that! I believe I have learned more than any books can fill one's head with, by listening. That's saying a heap because I have been hard of hearing all my life. Yep, but don't y'all feel sorry for old Glen none, uh-huh! I'm also an observer a lover of learning, questioning, and thinkin. (I know it's suppose to be thinking, but yer here on Glen View now, so don't get all riled up, just go with me, let the flow take us where I haven't gone before. That's my favoritiest, funnest, most terrifical, thing to do is simple being me ya see!!!! 

I throw properness out the backdoor with trash, yep I gotta, be me, ya see!

I have written some stories with an endless supply locked deep inside the caverns of my mind.

Teaching me-self to type is the hardest thing this here old boy has ever done. DAMN! Getting me clumsy old fingers and me senile old mind to working together, wow, weren't easy. The post that took me several hours to type has improved drastically, and I believe the Crime And Punishment summary is somehow meant to be to help me improve both in typing and writing skills.

Well my passion has only just begun. please ride along with me, as an old fart ventures into, insanity, senility, whatever!

I do know that my quest to re-read and work on this book is a have too deal, to go any farther in my escapades in pecking away at this here keyboard!

I will be going back to day shift as of Monday after 10 years of working the graveyard shift. Maybe I won't feel like a vampire then. Springtime, the rejuvenation of life, soul, mind well let's just wait and see where this new chapter in me life goes. I hope you stay with me and once again thank you very much from the "cockles of my heart." (I've heard that phrase but maybe I best look up that word cockles it doesn't sound too pretty, does it??


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