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Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Too Much, Is Too Much!

It's a quarter past nine in the evening as I sit in front of my friend Hewie Picardo. (That is what I call my very first computer.) Unlike the last couple of generations who grew up with a phone to their head and all the gadgets that define who we are, and what we become. (Think upon that for a minute and you'll know what I mean!) That is sad to an old-fashion man! There is not one thing wrong with gadgets, unless they rule, what you are! That is the sad part to an old fart like me.

Gadgets, electronics, automobiles, every and all things should be helpful tools, assisting us like "the helpful hardware man."  Pleeaassee!!!

I have been sprucing up the old homestead. We went to one of them serve yourself mega under thing under 20 acres home improvement stores. Well . . . To be perfectly truthful to you, my friends we have been going every weekend for several weeks. Why?

Okay! okay! okay! Example. After sprucing up the outside of my humble adobe, we wanted a couple new outside lamps above our doors. Have you ever, gone to the lighting department in a megs super-duper hardware store, huumm? I must warn you to take you sunglasses and keep them on during the whole time, also dress with lightweight clothing, like in the tropics, Two departments over you feel the heat coming from a gazillion lights, oh yeah, I kid you not. We park ourselves in front of all them lights hanging on the wall, and on ceiling fans, note them ceiling fans were not spinning. I think I know why that is! It would be like a hot tropical breeze in the Bahama's.

You think I'm jiving ya, don't ya? For y'all in cold climates make a special trip to one of these mega, megalith's do it, find it your self, super stores. I must warn ya, dress light under your arctic coveralls. Shorts and sleeveless shirt be recommended so ya can get a suntan like visiting them tanning salons.    
Man, oh man, our heads were swimming trying to find two fricking lights. We finally decide on the ones we wanted and guess what, they only had one! We finally bought two lights but not before old Glen thought he was going to spontaneously combust.

Okay this was one example but me point is (Drum roll please!) They got too many choices it boggles the mind! Oh yeah! So we have a plan, and you know what they say about plans. "Plan your work and work your plan."

So as to not be overwhelmed and make a hasty decision, we don't do all our shopping at one time. We go looking until our head starts spinning and then get the hell out of there!

We be shopping and buying a little along, so me old mind don't go ka-put, and lock up. I don't have no reset button, and I'm a feared, once I go down, I won't reboot like this here Hewie Picardo of mine!     GOODNIGHT MY FRIENDS!


  1. I can sure relate to what you are saying here. I hate going to pick out anything for the house like paint or light fixtures or carpet, etc. It is overwhelming to say the least, but at least you know not to try to find it all at once.

  2. Glen, I will be writing on PMS2 from now on. I will explain to you on there later today. You can just click on the link on my original page to get to it.