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Sunday, April 7, 2013

Something Goofy Must Be In The Air!!!

The trees they are a budding, the bushes they are a blooming and them flowers are a popping, yes-sir-ree, spring has sprung, especially after a few warm 60 degree days and a high of 72 on Sunday! Two Sundays ago a storm brought several inches of snow, and now, um, um, um! Motorcycles are out in a plenty, smart one's wearing helmets, not so smart ones with hard heads, well I hope so anyway! People cleaning up their yards after the winter's blow, good-bye till next year old man winter! Springtime sun and flowers makes me want to yell thank you with all my might! Window down on my old van, breeze flowing through me hair. Makes me want to mow grass and I hate to mow grass. Something goofy fills the air, people washing their cars, walking in the park. Another world has popped open and I think I like it!

No, bees, no skeeters, soon my humming birds will be here. I love humming birds, a pure thing of simplistic beauty. I love all animals but something about them hummers, strikes a chord deep in my heart. Them little ones go so fast, them wings sure get a workout, don't they?

Baby chicks at the farm supply stores, in the pastures down on the farms are baby lambs, baby calves, new born horses, such a lovely delight, damn, damn, damn, it don't get no better than this!

Yeah, yeah, yer saying out there, "that old Glen's a big softie" yep I be, especially this time of the year! You know them cold winter days ain't good on arthritis, nope! People spreading the flu, colds ain't good for old Glen, huh, ah!

Warm breeze charges me batteries on me head, you know like these solar lights. It be like waking up one cold ass winter's morn, then going to bed and waking up the next morning on the Gulf Coast. Yep that's what it feels like I reckon to an old country boy! Me and Missy took us a right nice ride them farmers are out working their fields, soon little seeds be pushing through the brown dirt turning into green, green, wonderful fields of corn, the giver of life from the giver of life, yep right beautiful if ya think about it!

I'm so sorry for feeling so damn good after a winter of illness and discontent, excuse me for letting it show!

I reckon I wear my heart on my sleeve and I'm not ashamed to let you know. Sweet dreams until next time my friends.


  1. I'm glad you are finally getting some spring weather. Hope it continues now and that the snow and cold is gone. Spring was always one of my favorites seasons when I lived up there. Something sort of magical about it.

    I am getting kind of discouraged with the whole blogging thing. I may just quit with it. I wanted you to know in case I am not around.

  2. I will be doing more of my writing on PMS2 instead of the regular page. But if you go to the regular page you will see a link to PMS2 at the top right hand and you can click on there to get to it. You will have to be logged in of course. Let me know if you have any trouble getting to PMS2. :-)