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Monday, February 17, 2014

Love Kills!

For those of you interested in dreams, mine have been off the charts this whole weekend. Why? Well I've been super tired, for about a week, and I intentionally cut my medicine in half, for just this weekend to see if they're affecting them. Seems so to me.

Let me back up a bit. Last year I lost 40 pounds, and tried not eating out, because of all the sodium in fast foods. I pretty much eliminated salt, not using any in preparing my food at home. I'm sad to say all my effort flew the coop! The same o, same o, eating habits returned, slowly, but surely. I found myself in the same stupid habits. I could just kill myself! Well seems, I'm trying to, at this point in my life. I be a sorry, out of shape old man, with many conditions. This weekend I attempt getting back on the bandwagon, so to speak. A water and salad detoxification, in attempt to get back into working shape. The last two weeks has seen me simply demanding my body to go, with sheer willpower! I won't go into my meds, I believe they have caused many side effects, but am convinced, I'd been long gone, without them!

I'm looking for a new beginning, convinced I've used them all up, after all, I'm a sorry old man, not a cat with nine lives! "I must make it so" as my favorite Captain, John Luke Piccard used to say, you know, from Star Trek The Next Generation.

I'm not alone in my weight problems, one simply must look at the devouring of America, especially our young ones of today! Parents devour too much of the wrong foods and instill that into their children, so sad but true. When I grew up all meals were prepared at home, had to, could not afford to eat out. Even the meals I grew up on, not healthy, but cheap were probably better for you, than the salt meals in a can, salt laden attempt at meat like hotdogs bologna and such. Why is there so much salt, well history shows that salt is a preservative, (I probably would not need to be embalmed at my funeral!) makes everything taste better. Pizza I've heard is loaded with it, everything you eat out! Well there's the problem for me and all of us fat Americans. Now let's add sugar, whow-wee! You know where I'm going!

ABSOLUTELY, it's our own responsibility, to be responsible for what we put in our bodies. I take full responsibility for my shortened life span!

Addiction, be it drugs, alcohol, food is BIG business. My! my! my! I cannot make a guess at the profits made through the junk we eat. Addiction is created probably in our formative years, unknowingly in my case. A special treat would be a soda, or a candy bar, or sadly both to a young one. My mother must work 40 hour weeks. I'd go to my, grandmother's before school. My grandfather would be sure I are something for breakfast, he would give me a dime. Back then that bought me a soda and a donut for my breakfast. Wrong for a child! Right! I won't go any further into the beginning of a lifetime of addiction to?  Sugar, caffeine now, add salt later in my life, presto, tubby! I was the fat one in my school. Today obesity is an epidemic! That's my story, sad but true. I was a typical kid, did all the sports, was very active, never an issue in anything work related until!

I kept the bad habits, never causing me a problem, sure I was overweight. Lost the extra baggage a hundred times in my life. Always . . . it returned, from poor eating habits.

I ask not for pity, rather a shot at understanding! It's to late for me, but when I see obese children with their obese parents getting a 32 ounce soda, I cry!

In my mother's childhood, her mother made breakfast for her and her siblings, then they'd walk to school, no matter the weather. Lunch in the two room schoolhouse was a sack lunch from home. Supper was simple, but homemade. Sugar may of been in a homemade pie now and then on special occasions, or cake on birthdays. No stopping for a soda. ( Soda's and caffeinated death are in soda machines in our schools today! Where for be, our learning, in our schools of learning? Ah! The almighty $ dollar and the millions of dollars for them dastardly, C. E. O's,

Well folks! I don't see it getting any better in the future! Fast food restaurants, especially pizza joints, everywhere. Sodie-pop was what it used to be called. Now they call them energy drinks. Simply loaded with caffeine. I seen a new one the other day, an 8 ounce drink with 320 mg's of caffeine. It had a caution on it, about drinking too much at once! (This is the dumbest, sign, warning, absolutely disgusting is what it is!) Before this, the 16 ounce ones, had 160 mg's, so it's double in this one and comes with a caution! My, oh my!

Seems to me many years ago the cigarette industries were forced to put a warning on them. We've went from, Ya-hoo! Mountain Dew with 51 mg's of caffeine not too long ago, to  this for the children and people of today. If the early commercials for Mountain Dew made the drinkers go ya-hoo! What does the energy drinks of today say???

I could go on and on about this subject, addiction = $$$$$$$$$, ALWAYS HAVE!

A BIG RAPER OF ALL, THIS IS? Come on you know! Pharmas, Hospitals, yep!

There's such thing as a Military Industrial Complex, Eisenhower warned us about over fifty years ago. Please tell me you know what that's all about?

What would you call the ones who start with us at conception, and supposedly take care of us till death. We voluntarily give our life to them, and they take us, all our life! Insurance continues to go through the roof. An example, where there used to be a $500.00 deductible for me and my wife. Now it's $6,000.00. It's basically a catastrophic health care plan, but the cost goes up every year. They try camouflaging it with many terms but???

The major drugstores are trying to cash in further. It ain't bad enough they now sell everything from alcohol to Xanax! You know about alcohol, Xanax is an antianxiety medication. There making it more affordable, for basic healthcare,  they say? Shit yeah! Pick me up some baby wipes, a gallon o milk, get me some medicine for one of my many disorders, and get me some whiskey!

From the Military Industrial Complex,  now "They" have Pharmaceutical Healthcare Complex.

I know you're asking once again who are they? It be them rich ass S. O. BITCHES! It sure as hell ain't me and you! "WE" the little people grow fatter with so many disorders and medical conditions beginning with vaccinations for our own good at childbirth. We are the fatted calves being fattened, pickled to death, by them, fat, and always. getting fatter men, on their imaginary thrones, where money is never enough. It's the manipulation money game for them!


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