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Monday, February 10, 2014

This Be MyTherapy

I do reckon yesterday's post was a perfect example of Automatic Writing/Spirit Writing . . . or whatever! Yep, I reread what I wrote, and . . . I don't know what the hell it's a talkin' about. Kings, Queens, Jokers and such. One of them wandering spirits seeking truth, and justice, hijacked my mind long enough to write it for me! Mighty nice of them, I must say!I do wonder who them people, behind the people be? However, we know, there has to be, don't we.  Have you ever, really pondered upon some of the elected officials, that WE, supposedly, elect? I'll be damned . . . did we do that? Our current president started out with nice shiny, coal black hair, and in just a few years, it's white! Wowza!!! Oh well! Enough!

I awaken, this cold ass, February morn. Haven't figured out if that's good or bad yet! Sometimes, I wish to lie in the nice warm, Serta Therapeutic Mattress, until my therapy is completed! I do wonder, how long that would take?

When, I was young, oh so much younger, I thought I had the time to figure out everything! Yep, by the time I'd take my last ride in a Cadillac, I would have completed the biggest test of all. As years turn into more years, age 50 slapped me down to size. I realized, I was but an Ant in the world of Ant Eaters. I awake from the stupor, of life's stupidity! (I surely do like that last sentence. You know what, I'm sayin', don't you?) By that age you realize many things. Let's just say, living is learning. Ought to give anyone who lives a half century, a degree. Sure as hell we have fought many battles! Unless you're still living at home with mom and dad and have never married, never left the cozy confines of your youth. Your still your momma's and daddy's little toddler, just 50!

Ah! life's good and life's bad, but to know that, one has to be on your own. Intelligence is highly overrated in my book. I've seen ones dumber than, owl shit handed a golden spoon. To be the handsome or beautiful one, was never a problem of mine! Wouldn't you just hate it to be one of them. Vanity of ones self, has to be a sin, right?

I'm jealous of our young ones today. Their youthful bodies, which slips, slides, moves so effortlessly! I'm struggling to work at the needed pace, full of Aleve! I bring my tattered body home and melt into my easy chair, wishing only to take it easy, till bedtime! Getting through another day is my priority, every day!

I have to outsmart them from experience. If it weren't for a lifetime of meaningful knowledge, they'd fire my ass in a heartbeat. I've worked there awhile and make pretty good money. They could hire the new ones and save much money. Why don't they?

I think they're smart enough to know that you achieve important needful things by doing.

Think back when we were young! Seems a hard thing to do, don't it? Your asking, "was that, this life", seems more like, a lifetime, or two ago, hey? When I was 18, I thought, "I'm a man now, gonna do what I want! Well it ain't, quite that simple is it? Ya got to have a job, and a good paying one to just get by! Ya knows, whats on all young ones mind at that age . . . the opposite sex. Your mind's only on one thing! Controlled by urges beyond sense. Now expectin' young'uns to have common sense and to control their sensual sense . . . ainna, gonna, happen!

I admit, with all my heart, I'm jealous of most of the young, I come into contact with. Having what I would call a normal upbringing, as normal as today's world allows, is a special thing.

After a lifetime of challenges, I find my therapy lies in my dreams and this blog. Lucky perhaps for me, I don't know how you feel about it? Perhaps we can see ourselves in others words, can't we? Your good pal Glen Bob! That's what they call me at work, kinda fits, I think, therefore I am! "ME"

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