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Thursday, February 27, 2014

No Magic Elixirs . . . Is There?

I wish to write a little somethun, somethun, I've nary a clue, what! I ainna, gonna let that stop me! Never did before!

How be it, in your neighborhood? Fair to meddlin' I hope! Cold again in my neighborhood, brrr . . . my ass is cold! I ain't no Eskimo! I'm an old man, who don't like, cold weather.

A friend of mine at work is retiring Friday. Another one retired a few months ago, soon it'll be just me and them . . .  younger than me, oh my God, am I going to be able to take it? That there my friends, be the question!

I've grown tired, my friends! Tired of the every day bull, if ya know what I mean? I can handle what I do. I've had 44 years of doing it! It be the stupidity of others, that just, gets to me! Galls my ass . . . is what it does! Something so simple, cannot be communicated to, Dinkleberry Clowns. Seems I'm talkin' another language, one that they cannot grasp, nor want to! 

So why don't I retire? Can't, need insurance, 'sides, I don't think I'd last very long without making myself get up, and at 'em, every day. I'd sit around and feel sorry for myself, and die a lump of uselessness. I feel useful, as long as I can earn a living. I need the exercise, besides I ainna, gonna start an exercise regimen at my age. If I'm gonna get my heart rate up, I wanna be paid for it! Yes I do!

You know it's kind of funny, that a man can work a lifetime, measuring his self worth, by his ability to earn a paycheck, Sad, but true! I'm one slave that has done what was expected of him! Wow! Is that all there is . . .  my friends?

Forty years ago, a thought such as this, would've never crossed my mind, seems so forever ago!. Years go by, then realization, that door of old age has blown wide open, and hit me, smackdab upside my head!!! Damn! You feel it too!

What you have learned, don't do you no good. Can't turn back the clock of age, with good intentions, no magic elixirs in a pill, despite all the millions spent on advertising, to make you think so! There's pills advertised in magazines, on the television, wake up tomorrow a new you! I don't want to be a new me, I just want a reduction in my aches and pains! I've lived this long, found some contentment, a little peace of mind, I just . . .  don't want all my joints rebelling, and don't want to hear them talking back to me, all the creaking, and such, you know!

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