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Monday, February 3, 2014


You know, I do read the newspaper and scan the headlines. I mean, I search for articles away from the mainstream crap. Seems pretty much always the same to me. Nothing that will change my every day world. Well that's not true, seems it's always more of the same o, same o, for we the people. I look at the pictures, horoscope, the comics, then I skim for more humorous articles in the paper itself. Sheesh, it doesn't stop there, looking at the stories that pop up on my home page, yikes. Anyway I find few worthy enough to read! The ones I do, I'm sorry I did!


I see a headline mentioning this Seasonal Affective Disorder, SAD for short. There's sure does seem to be a lot of them Disorders, don't there?

SAD is a type of depression that affects a person during the same season each year. Lack of light may upset sleep-wake cycle and other circadian rhythms. May cause trouble with a brain chemical called serotonin, that affects mood.

Circadian rhythm, refers to the "body clock", a 24-hour cycle that rules us all. This internal clock is affected by external forces. When ones circadian rhythm is disrupted by, say jet lag, sleeping and eating patterns can run amok.

Whew-wee, I be a learnin' today. I look up disorders, I wish I hadn't, now I have a disorder, from looking up the disorders. I reckon, I'm out of order! My oh my! If you put dis, in front of order you get disorder.

Everybody knows what order means, right? In a courtroom the Judge may tell someone "your out of order". Meaning he didn't like how the people in the courtroom are behaving. So he throws them all out and says, "your all out of order, get out of my courtroom"! It be his job to keep things in order. Maybe them Lawyers be arguing and the Judge gets pissed and tells them, with the banging of his little hammer, "your out of order". (I know it's called a gavel, let's please not grovel. I like little hammer better!) Judges seem to be testy old codgers, probably because they've seen so much riff-raff come through their courtroom, and that be just the Lawyers! (place laugh here)

My favoritiest (one of my words, ain't you proud of me) courtroom scene of all time is when Tom Cruise was questioning Jack Nicholson in a Naval Court. Tom was picking away at old Jack and got him riled up. Tom told Jack (hell I can't remember their names in that movie, nor the name of the movie, was it A Few Good Men, damn it, now I'll have to Bing it to find out please hold . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .)

I'm back!!! I hate to change gears in mid sentence, because I lose my train of thought! Yes . . . I'm hitting on one more cylinder than normal for some reason!

Now I return to my earlier scheduled thought. Tommy boy was badgering ol' crazy ass Jackie about his testimony and Jackie was not telling the truth ya see! Tommy knows he's lying, and a few words were said. Tom tells Jack "your out of order", Mr. Jacko Crazy O, has had enough of this young snot nose Lawyer, fires back with both barrels a smokin'. "No, your out of order" and goes on a tirade, whew, it were a good one! Apparently the Judge that day could not control his courtroom!

I'm sad for ever starting this post! I'm sad about a lot of things in life. Some days I be sad, I ever got out of bed! Most days I'm sad about the goings on at work. We need us a cranky old Judge to bang his little hammer to stop all the out of ordering!

I'm sad, for all the mistakes I've made in my life!

I'm damn sad, about this post running amok!

I reckon I'm just SAD!!!

Some days I'm sad for attempting to do the impossible, which is learning an old dog like me a new trick!  Good day my friends and may peace be with you!

Sadness is a way of life. It's a veil that can be lifted!

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  1. Oh No!!! Don't be SAD!! I know what you mean about reading about something and you suddenly feel like you have that particular ailment.

    ANyway, cheer up my friend *smiles*