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Tuesday, February 18, 2014


Rain, rain, everywhere rain, making me wet, freezing my mind. Ah, hah! A little take off on that old song "Signs". I'm a tryin to get going this fine Sunday morning, 2/09/14. I could not get into my dashboard to start a new post. Something screwed up. some where's in this fricking computer world, or WHATEVER!!! "Could it possibly be me?" YEAH! However by now, I've learned a few simple steps, navigating my way to Glenview territory. Been there, done that, a few thousand times, afore!
This computer is only three years old, not used much, only for my silliness, ya see! (That there quite possibly, may be the problem!)

I was out and about early this morn, as in 3 a m. Raindrops are, a fallin' on my head, oh my! Another old song, sorry! No one else on the roads, rain was falling, my wipers were going splish-splash. Relaxingly eerie is how I would describe it. I rather like this time on Sunday morning. I feel in tune with my environment. I especially love the hot humid summers night on Sunday morn. It was much better when my old dog was alive. We'd ride around slowly in the country searching for what I called "Searching for Bigfoot". No, no, I don't believe there's a creature called "Bigfoot"! Although I've seen many a strange long haired bearded ones of normal size. If you was to see them in your headlights late at night . . . well you get the picture! There was this one ol' boy I use to see quite often in daylight that had a walk, that was most peculiar, with overly long arms. He was most entertaining, just a watchin' him. Speaking of walking. There's so many different styles of walks, it's entertaining. Have you not thought about that? Boy! I have!

This rain tonight was just a tad above the freezing mark. No wind, but boy, did that rain feel cold! I go the A.T.M.machine, and get some gas. (No! no! I did not get me some gas, at the A. T. M. Although I have got quite pissed off before, at that damn machine! It must be doing a weekly, updating, something or the other!) and moseyed on into my favorite late night Convenient Store.

SPEAKING of Convenient Stores!!! Should be Unconvenient Store! Why? Sure am glad you ask me that question, otherwise I might not be able to tell you what I'm gonna tell you1 Shit! Now I forgot what I was gonna tell you!

Oh, oh! oh! Now I remember. When I worked days and visited them in the daylight, unlike . . . the vampire I be now! There would be several people in line, and . . . the moment I would go to pay, the cashier would take one look at me and place all her $20.00 bills in the safe! I do reckon, they haven't seen many, fat, white haired, old men, before hmmm!

The rain falls gently on my coat, and gentle on my mind. (Ah, ha another old song, I'm smoking tonight!) I thought to myself, "whilst I be out this fine February morn. I'll pick up a few things, so I'll not have to be out and about tomorrow." Ya see, I don't like to be out and about when all them normal people are out and about! I been working the nighttime too long! I love the solace that I find. I just reckon all the rushing, of days has taken a toil, on ol' Glen ya see! I find myself more in order, in the nighttime and out of order with the "normal" day time crowd.


  1. I think Blogger was having some hiccups a few days ago. It was giving me updates to people's blogs that were written FIVE months ago, showing them as new. So maybe that was your problem.

    I have gotten to the point that I don't like to be out and about at ANY hour of the day or night. There are too many crazies down here where I live. I think in another 10 years I will be a total recluse. All the little kids in the neighborhood will think I am a witch and the adults will just think I am crazy. hahaha

  2. Well, if everybody think's were crazy, they'll leave us alone!!! Thanks Lia.