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Sunday, November 28, 2010


The same night Jimmy took his new bike out for a ride he dreamed about a girl called Marla and about a city. He woke up playing the dream over in his mind it was so real. Never in his 18 years has a dream shaken him to the core like this one. Nightly he has other dreams that seem to coincide with this magnificent dream. The dreams are always centered around this beautiful young girl named Marla and he feels they were very close.
                He talked to his parents hoping for some insight on why he keeps dreaming with regularity about a city and this girl he has never met. They reassure him that dreams are just a reflection of your subconscious and things that are happening in your everyday life. For example his mother believes that Marla simply represents that he is an adult. As an adult you are preoccupied with the opposite sex and that indeed is normal for an 18 year old. Jimmy talked to his Aunts, Uncles and friends about his dreams and they all pretty much tell him the same thing. Since he has become obsessed with the dream his mind keeps replaying a similar theme over and over.
                Jimmy tries to get the dream out of his mind but now is waking up with a splitting headache. He touches his hand to his head when he first wakes up and he swears he feels a bump. He goes to the mirror to see and the bump is gone. He dreams of a fence post that he is headed toward and wakes up with the thought of thank you dad. In his dreams he sees people walking over a hill, smiling faces, and copper, silver and gold structures and feels as though someone is trying to communicate with him.
                He starts keeping a dream journal to help link the many pieces of his dreams. He reads all the books in the library about dreams and interpretations. He does not seem to be getting the answers he searches for.
                Jimmy’s mother and father are worried about him. Ever since the first ride on his motorcycle he acts different. He can’t stand to be called Jimmy. He is an adult now and wishes to be addressed as Jim. They discuss these differences between themselves. It is as though he left on the ride as Jimmy the teenager and returned as Jim the man. What on earth happened on a leisurely cycle ride? They discuss with him their concerns and he admits it seems as though he grew up on his return ride. His mannerism, his thoughts, his unbelievable realistic dreams are somehow connected, so he leaves them his dream journal and pleads with them to help him understand.
                Jim finds a book at the library about dreams and mind projection. According to the book you can train your mind to do amazing things during dream state. The book teaches you how to control your mind so that when you are dreaming you can control your actual dream. Yeah right was Jim’s first response but since he was not achieving the answers he needed in the conventional manner he was willing to try other techniques. Per the author, some people have become good enough to communicate with others like themselves using his techniques. This made sense to him in a strange way because he felt as though someone was trying to communicate with him while he was dreaming. Before all of this dreaming quest began he would of laughed at such foolishness, but it had hit home with such an impact he was going to pursue all avenues.
                Night after night Jim faithfully practices the guidelines to achieving the intended state of dream consciousness. He does notice more clarity and the sense that he is aware of projecting his mind into the dream. Before falling asleep he programs his mind to where he wants his dreams to go each night and he is achieving amazing results. He writes in his dream diary his intended attempts and as he wakes up he compares the actual results. You must work at remembering the details of your dreams, as everybody dreams, yet not everyone can remember what they dream. His ultimate goal; once he feels secure that he is actually in his dreams rather than merely projecting his will, he can become a receptor to the one he believes is trying to communicate with him, Marla of his earlier dreams. He has worked so hard at controlling his dreams he has not dreamed of Marla but she is such a part of him. He definitely has not forgotten her. After all, that is why he is doing all these dreaming exercises so hopefully he can figure it out.
                 He has been conducting a test and has written all clues in his journal. He is going to recreate his first ride on the Kawasaki motorcycle with his new understanding of himself and his dreams. His mother and father tell him this is not normal behavior for an 18 year old teenager. They have been actively involved all the way in Jim’s endeavor of understanding. Even though they have reservations, the fact that he has not been secretive about it and asked for their help assures them of the importance it has to him.
                He recreates the ride and is at the Dairy Queen drinking a milkshake. The ride so far has been enjoyable. On his way back, there is one spot in the road, if you weren’t paying attention the road veers to the right and another road just jumps out at you. It would be easy to turn onto the side road so he does. The feeling of loss overtakes him and suddenly the road ends without warning. It is a dead end road and dejavu envelopes him. He gets off his motorcycle and walks around. His emotions are running amuck. The feeling of pleasure and loss permeates his mind at the same time. Suddenly he sees himself being thrown at a fence post and thanking his father for making him wear a helmet, he walks to a fence post and it shows signs of being hit recently. He takes off his helmet but it shows no visible scars. As he runs his hand over the top he feels several small dings, oh my god he did hit that post! Jim sits down and tries to gather himself. Something happened here he knows it in his heart. He rides back home and will start his dream here at this dead end road.
                It takes forever to get to sleep but once he does he finds himself being hurled into a fence post and then he wakes up within his dream to an unusual looking place with a gigantic headache and then falls back to sleep within the dream. He wakes up again and a young boy and two adults walk by smiling but he cannot understand them. Then a beautiful young girl walks by and he understands every word she is saying and he knows her name before she says it, Marla. At that powerful moment he snaps back to reality and is fully awake but he has succeeded in achieving the results that he was striving for.
                Night after night he projects himself to the exact point where he wakes up the night before. Has his mind becomes so strong that he can produce such a story or is he reliving what actually happened? The feeling of dejavu is so strong! He is convinced it actually happened. Wow!, wow!, wow, he laughs at those words. He can smell the city and feel Marla’s body behind him as they ride around a city of copper, silver and gold on his accident machine. “Accident machine,” he would never refer to his cycle like that! He senses Marla trying to communicate with him but her mouth is not moving. He wakes up at that instant in the real world with cold chills going through his body. He goes back to dreamland thinking of Marla, they are making love and he senses more than one. He sees faces, all smiling. A thought goes through him as clear as a bell. It is a city where all are one.  Suddenly he wakes up in the real world with the overwhelming sense of loss and extreme emptiness in his heart. He is in love with Marla the girl in his dreams. The next night the complete “reality dream” plays itself out. Only now Jim knows it was real and Marla is trying to communicate with him in his dream and he believes she already has by helping him relive the whole scenario in his dream to prove it was real.
                The next night he sees only Marla’s face as he drifts off to sleep,” He hears Jimmy… Jimmy is that you.”
He ask “Marla is that you.”
Marla replies “yes, yes, yes, wow! wow! wow!
                That was definitely a message breaking through from another reality and he has been there for real. He has finally succeeded and was saved by her and her people somehow he visited and fell in love with a human, that like himself, was saved by smiling faces that are all one. Where does he go from here? He can communicate through dreams and visit her. He has heard of long distant romances but inter-dimensional might just be something completely different. He can have sweet dreaming every night but can he feel her body next to his. His life as well as Marla’s has been altered forever and as he dreams, they will work together to dream this one out.

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