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Saturday, November 13, 2010


          Oh Boy! What a powerful word, I found. 13 letters enough to make my brain sweat, woooh weee!!! This gonna be fun and I might enlist some of the free-loaders in Mr. Brain to help out on this here predicament, that I might of gotten myself into, so let's see where this goes! (REMEMBER HOW I JUST LOVE THAT CUTE LITTLE EXCLAIMATION POINT.) Webster says; To free from ignorance, to inform. Errr they talking about freeing me from ignorance because that ain't never gonna happen! "Shit it would be easier to free the rest of the world from ignorance than you" says Fartman. (Free loaders starting on me already.)
          I know ones now, that are no more enlightened, than when they were teenagers and thought through their? whatch-a-ma-call-it. The guys anyway!
          The girls are spoiled rotten by their parents, expecting to marry a rich good looking young man and live happily ever after. Wow, do they live in a fairy tale world.
          The real world comes quickly to the un-enlightened ones. Especially those who have children way too early. Children thinking they are adults. Size and parts getting bigger does not create adults.
          To be enlightened one must listen (ain't no teenagers ever listened, no chance in hell!) Absolutely not, the definition of teenagers in the dictionary is; ones who does not listen to any adult, but they sure read text messages and send them ha ha! (small chuckle is acceptable and appreciated here.)
          Sorry, sometimes I lose track of who is running my brain, me or all the misfits hidden in all the unused parts, "that's the whole thing" says Sissy Smartassy. I must apoligize when I'm really tired, the misfits awaken and led by Captain Bob Square Head they attempt mutiny. I have the last laugh, I receive info from the far corners of my brain. Paul Revere, the former leader of the group Paul Revere and The Raiders, somehow jumped inside and all he does is run around and sing.
          "Okay, okay, okay! Damn there is Joe Pesky again. Enlightenment, whoa! whoa! whoa! there! Does anyone actually know what that word means? To enlighten; would be to teach and that ain-na gonna happen! Everywhere I go, I witness no signs of "light."  Them bulbs have never been turned on, or burned out from usage upon going to school. Them bulbs overloaded and blew from never being used because all them young-ins have ever around is their parents.
          (This might be a smidgen off course but hell who cares when I am writing. At last count I had 16 freeloading misfits that were a homesteading unused territoty upstairs so bear with me or is that bare with me!) "Okay! okay! okay," damn it there he goes again. (The little freeloading ????er.)
          I would say that by the sixth grade I was enlightened with all the schoo-lin I ever needed. You are a-thinkin, "WHAT?" "I hear you," well once you can read "real good" you can read on your own and learn. However one must be smart "enlightened" enough to see through the bull. (Please don't make me have to explain "BULL" to you,) just think Politician.         
          To free from ignorance, it can't be "dumn." Man ol live if you were born ignorant, who you gonna call to raise your intell level. Crazy uncle Beaumont or silly aunt Sally. You think an exorcism gonna wash away the bad and leave only the good, you been watching too many info-commercials. Nope, your only hope is a brother or sister that them big eyed big headed aliens awaken. They come in the dark of night and take you up to their ship and put in a twist of enlightened D. N. A. into your family D. U. M. A. S. S. genes. Then you have someone to enlighten the family.  It is my expert advice as a graduate of Dumassology from GlenView University it ain't never gonna happen!!!
                                                                                    Typed by the misfits of Glen's brain.                      

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