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Monday, November 8, 2010


          Oh boy! This oughta be fun!!! SENSELESS; Unconscious, Stupid, Foolish, Meaningless. This is what I have been known to call some of the where I work. Ha HA! It's okay to laugh, I laugh at them every day. For without that laughter I would be even crazier than what you read here, now that is a scaarryy thought!
          For the most part I actually enjoy how I make a living. I do many different jobs so boredom does not set in most of the time.
          I suppose what I really excel at is telling the ones who are lazy nincapoops that they are lazy nincapoops. I did not mean to repeat myself I just like the word nincapoops! That particular word seems to sum up the 4 words defining "SENSELESS." I have been forbidden to use the more gutter descriptive favorite verb word because I will get a write up. I am saving that one for when I need a vacation of 3 days.
          If someone is doing something stupid, I don't mind calling them stupid. If they don't like me calling them stupid then why in hell do stupid stuff, (you thought I was going to say shit, didn't you) I would not do something stupid like that would I?
          Now if someone is working so slow as to appear unconscious; deprived of consciousness, now don't that just seem "senseless," ain't that just plum stupid! here I go and look up the definition of unconscious and them nincapoops that sets around figuring out these damn (oops, sorry ) words use the same fricking ( no foul, acceptable substitution ) variation of the word to define the word that I want to understand. Sheesh that pisses me off! ( I just love that cute little exclamation point!!!!! ) I'll assume unconscious means deprived of oxygen. Then hey, I don't mind telling them they work as if they are unconscious.
          If a spade is a spade then someone who is stupid would you not call them stupid? It seems people don't like hearing the truth. They must live in the imaginary world of "Sponge Bob." It makes sense to me if these stupid people were not so stupid, then I would not call them "STUPID."
          What can I say about the word "FOOLISH." I ( foolieve ) haaah, haaah, haaah! ( sorry I could not help myself ) I can sum this one up, in one word, fool, fool, fool ,fool foooool!
          MEANINGLESS; I could write for a long time on that there one word but hell I wouldn't do that to you!

          I wish to leave you with one point, I place the check spelling on and for this post and that was SENSELESS!!! It is past my bedtime can you tell?

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