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Sunday, November 14, 2010


                Washington D. C. holds different ideas to the many citizens and people all around the world. Thousands of people vacation here every day. They come to see the monuments and the magnificent structures designed to mystify and represent “larger than life beliefs.”
                Demonstrations by all are allowed. The Lobbyist undoubtedly represent the most influential doing business here. If you call what they do business! Money speaks way too loud.
                Is their “smoke & mirrors” facade our history? Have we forgotten history as we grow up believing in The Constitution and our founding fathers creation of a Republic representative of “WE THE PEOPLE?” At what point did the “Corrupt Ones” take control or has it always been that way? Certainly plausible since corruption breeds, so invariably it has been going on from the beginning. As the world becomes one, “The Powers That Be” set their sights on the planet. We the people are merely chess pieces; lower class ones at that! The money grubbing power worshipers have always set on their thrones and watch as we the people fight and make money for them.
                Behind the monuments surrounding the city, underneath the “smoke and bull” is a city. It’s referred to as Sin City, funded by “The Powers That Be”. Who are “The Powers That Be,” these are the rich and powerful that have always had an agenda behind what it appears.
 I wish to tell you a story about one man and people who believe in him. Ian Michael Justus is a Mr. Smith goes to Washington type. Remember the movie with Jimmy Stewart? Ian Justus is a loyal honest hard working representative from one of the poorest district in the nation. Both parties poke fun at him. Ian Justus is backed by individuals from his area that fight to scrape out a living, also all the Mom and Pop businesses that somehow succeed in this part of the country. They are small farmers and poor people that choose to stay put in this area and not become like the rest of the country. Even in their home state they are made fun of because they remain true to values full of tradition.
                Ian Justus ran as an independent and was elected by believers. He is but one man, a victory none the less. Ian Michael Justus is a down home individual who was born here, goes to college here and has created jobs “here” for his own kind. A local success who is like everyone else; home town boy, (“not home boy”). He buys locally, drives a 10 year old pickup truck and goes to church on Sunday. Ian married his high school sweetheart and they have 3 children, a good old boy from this area who was elected by everyday people. Outsiders poke fun at him and say Gomer Pyle goes to Washington. Ian’s answer was simple “Gomer was a loyal honest simple man.” 
                Ian Justus laughed at by both parties. It did not matter; he was elected to represent the people and that’s what he plans to do. Ian is a charismatic young man born with a natural love of people and a down home flair that made you feel comfortable. “He’s a determined cuss” is what his mother says about him. Once strangers meet and see for themselves he is the real deal they no longer laugh. Soft spoken and at 6 foot 4 inches tall he does not go unnoticed. Ian was handed the worst office and jokes about it to everyone. That did not faze him he said simply “no one here elected him.” After 20 years he has chiseled out a core following all across America, buried by the traditional media. The alternative media can’t get enough of his wholesome and naïve charisma. He has a huge following in the world of the internet. He has his own successful websites and blogs. He doesn’t care what the ones in D. C. think. He makes comments on his blog such as “Living in Washington is like having the devil in your pocket.” That quote was not seen anywhere except the alternative medias.
                Ian’s office is always open to the alternative media, his foundation was built with them. He invites them to see his hometown, many accept. Once laughed at by both parties and the major news sources who now sense a wave. Smear tactics that have always worked in the past for them do not work on Ian Justus. His support grows as he visits numerous cities across the Midwest. He visit’s the smaller communities and attracts thousands to outdoor venues. The wave of popularity steadily grows.
                Ian has a core group of friends as his advisers, ones that he trusts and has always relied on. These friends keep him grounded as his name precedes him and is becoming a larger than life individual. They, as well as he, believe they must not sway and get caught up in the limelight. In order to remain true and stay grounded, Sunday is family and friends day; nothing political on this day. He describes it as Thanksgiving every Sunday. He writes his Internet views after a day of relaxation when his mind is clear. No speechwriters for Ian, he thinks for himself.
Ian Michael Justus represents much needed hope for people all across “America.” He represents the underdog, David verses Goliath. Corruption is out to get him. His followers will not allow that to happen. The wave rolls across America thanks to the common people.
                In the underground cesspool referred to as Sin City elected Representatives of the people indulge, paid for by secret societies and lobbyists from all over the world. Their wives are pampered as royalty. Their children play with the latest electronic gizmos before they are mass produced. Deeper is the Den of Sin, where billions of dollars of deals are finalized. Not in the House or Senate but underground out of daylight. The Den of Sin is real, here fantasies become realities. Here the last thread of decency is laid bare. These representatives, do the bidding of even darker ones. The “Darker Ones” pay the greedy so they appear spotless. These Powers That Be are everywhere. They are the ones that control all aspects of our lives and we don’t know it. TPTB have always controlled simply because they know they can! Once Sin City has you, you are one of them.
                It does not take drugs to corrupt. The oldest form of pleasure and greed works nicely. In Sin City the darkest fantasies are possible, customized to your taste. Every one succumbs to Sin City; it is simply a matter of time, everyone except Ian Michael Justus.
                Sin City has always been talked about in the elected city. In today’s world of information at your fingertips it becomes known worldwide, thanks to the Internet. It spreads like wildfire across the world. Ian Justus and the people demand an end to it. A rally is held protesting such a dastardly place. The people as in “we the people’ have had enough. Several hundred thousand show up and the main speaker is Ian Justus. Signs everywhere proudly display I am for Justice, also signs saying ‘Just Us” can take back our country. The massive crowd wants the walls of Sin City to be torn down. Flyers are being handed out showing all the hidden, secret, side doors, back doors and even underground private entrances from private chambers. We the people are here to block and ferret out the vermin. There was no place to hide as thousands go inside and bring them out. It was a fine day for fishing as they catch many fish to fry with pictures going simultaneously around the globe. It was just not our elected officials. Big whoppers from around the world are caught with their pants down.

                The whole planet witnesses as it happens. No military, no police no one imagined anything like this would happen so no one tried to stop the wave as it washes out the den of rats. Nobody was physically hurt, not one shot was fired. It was a victory seen around the globe for the common man everywhere.
                The rats were never again seen. New representatives with the people agenda are elected. They build a new capital in Iowa, the center of America surrounded by corn. A tidal wave has swept away the old corrupt ways and is building fresh, a new start led by President Ian Michael Justus and all of the “JUST US” across the land.   

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