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Sunday, November 21, 2010


Jimmy is taking his brand new motorcycle for a leisurely drive. He has participated in youth motor-cross races so he is no stranger to riding. He is extremely proud of this bike because he paid for it, working during high school and summers. His mother and father always told him if you want something bad enough you must work for it. That is exactly what he did and this is his accomplishment. He feels like an adult after graduation last week and now a new bike to break in. He is on top of the world.
                He tells his parents his route. He is taking the old scenic hi-way with a lot of curves to get the feel of the handling. There is a small town 30 miles away where he plans to stop and get a milkshake and turn back. He tells his parents he will not deviate from this route for any reason. They ask him out of concern to please do this. He asked, what could go wrong on a new motorcycle, wearing a helmet and a scenic state highway where you cannot go fast because of so many curves and traffic. Better safe than sorry; they agree.
                That is exactly what he does. It is a beautiful summer day, a young man 18 years old with his whole life ahead not a care in the world. It was a spectacular ride to the Dairy Queen. He gets his milkshake and sits near his prize, admiring the red Kawasaki. He takes his time drinking the milkshake. He is in no hurry and is gazing at the bike as if it were a beautiful girl.
                As he enjoys the ride back the road suddenly ends and he is thrown off the motorcycle. The last thing he remembers seeing is a fence post and thanking his dad for instilling in him the good sense of wearing a helmet, “thanks dad,” then lights out.
                Jimmy opens his eyes, he feels like someone hit him in the head with a hammer. The room is moving and he goes back to sleep. He awakens again and his head is propped up and he could see a living room. A young boy walks by and says something but Jimmy could not understand. A man and woman appear and it is the same with them; he can’t understand them. Then a girl his age smiles and speaks to him. ”You have a head injury please lie still and don’t attempt to get up. We have been taking good care of you.” Jimmy studies the room, perhaps it is the head injury but everything in the room seems out of balance. He asks, “May I please use the telephone to call my parents?”  They look at him and smile. He goes back to sleep.       
                He awakens to sunshine sitting on a porch; the young girl is there with him. Looking at the trees and gently rolling hills he spots no cars no telephone poles. There are children playing, people walking by smiling at him. Everyone is friendly but something is amiss. It seems more like a dream than reality. He is not afraid, finding the surroundings peaceful.
                He tries to rationalize his situation. Somehow he lost the hi-way and wound up on a dead end road. There he hit his head so his concussion would explain the situation he finds himself in, also the abnormal appearance of everything. He can’t understand anyone except for the girl his age. Her mouth does not move but he hears her inside his head. Oh no! It can’t be, they communicate with their mind; that is not possible at least not in his world. No one has asked his name or any questions and that is definitely not normal in his world. The young girl is sitting next to him and she knows everything that he is thinking.
“Do you understand what I am thinking?”
“Yes” she replies with her mouth not moving. He asks her name,
“Marla” she says; or her mind says.
“Wow! Wow! Wow!” he is thinking.
Marla says “I am unable to understand wow! wow! wow. Sorry but I too am confused, a lot.” 
Jimmy ask “I’m not in my world am I?”
“Correct” Marla answers. “You, Jimmy, as well as I, are in our Host’s world. They brought us here in order to save us.” She explains that like me, they brought her into their world. If not she would not have survived. “There was an accident when I was a toddler and they had to bring me through. They are compassionate people and have nurtured me so that now I am like them. I do not remember anything. All this was told to me. It was against their rules but they could not let us die. You see we are from the same world but I know nothing of that world. This is my home and these people have been my family.”
“I don’t understand any of this. You are telling me I am not dreaming and this is real.”
“Yes” Marla says, “I will leave you alone to think for a while, if you need me just think my name and I will return.”
                Really what was there to think about, they saved his life and how was he to get back? He thinks “Marla” and in a few minutes she joins him on the porch. Jimmy asks her if he will be able to return to his world.
“Of course as soon as you’re healthy enough. When the time is right for you to return they will alter your memory so you will not remember this place.”
They have your riding machine and have made repairs. Before you leave they wish to see you operate it; no one here will have anything to do with it. They refer to it as an accident machine.” We both have a laugh at that and look at each other in a playful manner.
“I won’t remember you?”
No, it is for our protection and yours” Marla explains.
“But I have so many questions; can I walk around and see some of this world?”
“Why if you won’t be able to remember anything” Marla ask.
Jimmy was in the most amazing unreal event of his life. He wanted to pursue it further, to find out and see more if only for a brief period? That is what being human is all about.
“I’ll see if that is acceptable and if so I will walk you around. Are all humans so curious” Marla asks.
“Yes” Jimmy replied.
                So in a few days Marla asks me “Are you ready for that walk?”
He was about to go where no man had gone before. The small barn is where they are keeping his motorcycle. He watched as people would disappear and reappear over this one hill, so that is where he wanted to go.
Marla tells him “Relax we’re in no hurry. Everyone here shows no such emotion so you must be at ease to enter the city. Where you have spent the last several days is an area built for me to remind me of my world. The leaders wish to remind me of my heritage. Heritage and family is most important here. I wish you to be at rest with your inner self, no one here will fear you but if you want to enjoy their warmth you must be in control or they will shy away instead of embracing you. Do you understand Jimmy? The whole city knows you are here and will be walking with me today. I am a member of their city and my family lives there. Please smile, be polite, and keep your arms at your side. If they nod their head please return that gesture of respect.
                We reach the top of the hill and I gasp; this is not what I expected to see. I see trees, land just as where I come from. Marla reading my mind laughs.
“We must get closer to see what you want Jimmy.”
As they walk the city takes shape; immaculate most unusual looking buildings, no transportation of any type, no roads. Smiling faces walking on the greenest grass he had ever seen. There are individual smaller structures that appear to become larger as they walk to the center of the city. Immaculate is all Jimmy can think of; flowers greenery it’s like living in a flower shop. The smell of all natural aromas relaxing him to euphoria of contentment unfelt in his 18 years. All structures appear to be copper, gold and silver in color. They continue their walk to the center, passing by smiling faces. No wonder they’re so happy, this place is magnificent. They walk into the largest building; it is unlike anything in his world. Beauty beyond imagination, it’s a community building for all to enjoy. They walk on to Marla’s home. It is the same and as beautiful as the whole city. Every structure radiates with color and warmth in ways he can’t understand. He has not been introduced to one person but he is not in his world. Marla laughs at his emotions and says
“We are one.” Only as we walked away from the city did what Marla was trying to get through my human head finally ring clear. They are all connected, what one feels they all feel. They’re not individuals; they are a society of one and the same. The consciousness of one is part of the consciousness of the whole.
Jimmy asks Marla “Do they really want to see me ride my accident machine,”
“Yes they are looking forward to it.”
So back over the hill and he comes back riding the accident machine. Everyone in the city comes outside to see him on his motorcycle as he rides around the outskirts. He stops and convinces Marla to hop on the back. He reassures her and she does. Around the city they, go people smiling and waving at them. He put the accident machine back into the barn.
                Marla and Jimmy walk back to her house in the city. He has the overwhelming urge to kiss her and does just that and she responds passionately. They spend the whole night embracing minds and bodies. They become one and in satisfying their sexual desires the whole city was feeling the pleasures of two. It was a night not to be forgotten, but his memory must be altered for their protection and his. Once he rides out of their dimension he is Jimmy enjoying his new motorcycle and the week or so he spent there was lost. They had returned him to the present time before his accident.                                                 
                That night he had the most amazingly beautiful dream. He has a wreck on his motorcycle and finds himself in another dimension where he meets a beautiful girl by the name of Marla. He spends time with her and they ride together around a city of gold, copper and silver structures that smelled as if it were a flower shop. They spend the night making love where he feels as though he is making love to more than one.
It was like he made love to an entire city. He has nightly dreams about this city and Marla who remains vividly in his mind. He cannot nor does he want to stop thinking about her or the city. It seems so much more than a dream. He is one of them if only in his dreams. 


  1. Very well written Glen ! I decided to go back in time to your old blogs again........something I had started to do but got sidetracked with the holidays and keeping the new grandbaby. Now things have slowed down and I hope to continue making my way through all that you have written. This one is excellent so far !