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Friday, December 31, 2010


      About five years ago, I had an allergic reaction to something and visited my emergency room at 2 AM. Shots and my first taste of prednisone. Tiny little pills that pack a punch. Take so many for so many days and slowly ween yourself from them. We figured detergent caused the allergic reaction that made all the hairs on my body feel like tiny needles. 100 dogs scratching could not stop the itching. I was a man on the edge when I went to the hospital. By the time I left 2 hours later I felt pretty darn good. Okay, Okay, Okay but where is this leading?
      I am breaking out again it's 4 in the A M and I am waiting for my Doctor's office to open. I'm an older man with typical old age aches and pains just like I had five years ago you see. After taking prednisone for a couple of days I did not have one pain anywhere in my body. I want to be sure you got that, I went from many aches and many pains to not one f-----g pain nowhere man!!! I only needed four hours of sleep per day and my mind felt like my I. Q. jumped considerable. My dreams were off the damn charts. I had hyperness and unlimited energy at work. Huumm....? I know someone like that at work now! You don't reckon? naa, he is a young man with frontal lobe damage per my buddy Klem. I believe this young man I speak of  has many of them DDD Disorders and ain't taking his Ritalin, I ain't never seen nobody act and talk continuously like this person, okay never mind it's late and it doesn't take much to sidetrack me especially after I have just taken my Doctor prescribed meds.
      Now for the side effects. My left foot felt like a block of ice when I lay down to sleep, I would put several pair of Industrial, Alaskian strength socks on that sucker to finally get my four hours of sleep. Hyperness was scary man but "I HAD NO F-----G PAIN," I was 18 years old again.
      Now I have been setting the story up for this point. I got terribly addicted to them little bitty pills of pleasure, as I slowly came down from the prednisone high. Them damn aches and pains appear again  with a vengeance. In just a couple of weeks I learned what it was like to be a junkie. I even asked my Doctor to prescribe me a couple a day, that is how hooked I became. I even contemplated many times about the availability through your local "FEEL GOOD ARE US DEALERS."
      If I am offered prednisone again I will ask for something else because I don't like the everyday aches and pains I have to go through but I can't go through that again even though I enjoyed the high's immensely.       THIS STORY IS TRUE. THANKS FOR TUNING IN TO GLEN VIEW. G. E. G. 

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