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Thursday, December 9, 2010


                Marla and Jimmy communicate every night within Jimmy’s dream. They learn about their worlds. They become closer than those that live in the same world. Their bond grows stronger with every dream. However they long for the physical touch to quench their thirst for each other. What Marla feels the city feels. Jimmy is number one on the dream channel every night throughout the city. They are fascinated by how the determined young man found a way to communicate with Marla. The love they share is a story that will be told forever, a love from another dimension.  
                His parents read Jim’s dream journal and are concerned. He acts like his old self in every way but they find his journal disturbing. They ask themselves, isn’t a dream, just a dream? So how can dreams be of any harm? So what if he believes in his dreams that he is communicating with a girl in another dimension. Everyone dreams and all dreams are strange, but they have never heard of anyone attempting to control their dreams as he does. Possibly they are overacting but they are his parents and he did ask for their help. They will talk with him and present their concern. He will not like anything negative. They believe Marla and the city is just Jim’s overactive imagination manifesting as a dream. When he comes home they will talk to him. After all that is a parent’s job.            
Dad asks “Jim do you truly believe you are communicating with Marla in another dimension or is it your imagination?”     
Jim answers “Everything in my journal is true. You know how much effort I have put into making sense of my situation. I have recreated my first ride on my bike, found the side road, the fence post and felt the overwhelming feelings of dejavu.”
Mom responds, “You understand that we are concerned out of love don’t you dear?”
Jim answers, “Certainly, that is why I asked for your help.”
Dad asks, “How can what you write in your journal be possible?”
Jim answers “I’m open to other ideas but this is my conclusion based on what facts I have and my feelings.”
Mom says, “How are you going to proceed from here?”
Jim answers “I only wish I knew. It seems as though each dream is another piece of the puzzle that I build upon. My only hope is an answer will present itself in time. Meanwhile I ask for your understanding and trust.”
Dad responds, “How can you hope for an answer when what you are talking about would get you committed if you discussed this issue with anyone else?”
Jim answers, “I’m not discussing this issue with anyone else; I am talking to my parents who know and trust me. Scientific discoveries in all areas happen daily in the world we live in. You admitted that the computer and the world of the internet is the most amazing discovery of your generation. What if each individual’s mind is a computer and we combine our minds. Just think of that possibility for a minute. I might have stumbled onto a civilization so far ahead of our prehistoric one. Dad did you not watch the twilight zone as a kid and ask questions beyond normal thinking? Am I making any sense?  I and I alone have gone head first into where no man has gone before. Ask yourself are we so arrogant that we think what we know, is all there is. What if other dimensions exist here on earth and they have always been here right beside us? We as humans do not know everything, even though we like to act as if we do.”
Mom says, “Teach us this type of dreaming you talk about and if we can control our dreams even a little bit maybe one of us can communicate with Marla. I wish to try it and if I do it your father will.
Jim answers “Sure.”
Dad says “Well alright, then we try dream projecting.”
                 Jim teaches his mom and dad about the technique and they start that night with a serious belief in the possibility after Jim’s passionate professor like lecture. Their 18 year old seems to have found a lifetime of wisdom. With Jim’s guidance and their seriousness at attempting the dream projecting they are showing amazing results at controlling their minds while in the dream state.
                What mom and dad did not know was that that the city of one was also helping Marla to connect with them. With all the positive energy behind Marla and Jimmy it could not fail. The goal is to make contact in the same night whenever Jim believes the timing is right. The mind power of the whole city simply awaits the cue.
After a period of time, Marla introduces herself with the power of the city behind her to both parents on the same night of dreaming. Mission accomplished and like Jim, their question is how do we meet her? What a question that is! If it was real once, then why can’t it be again they ask? If she is originally from our dimension, why not just come back as Jim did? Seems Jim and Marla have “ones” from both dimensions pulling for them so what do they do now? What a question? So what is the answer?
                 To Jim’s mom the answer seems simple; bring her back to her home dimension just as they returned you.
Jim explains “That life is all she remembers. You can’t just uproot Marla from her family no more than you would wish me to leave you.”
Mom admits it just breaks her heart.  She wants to hold her grandchildren and to witness the love Jim holds for Marla.  Why in the world did you fall for a girl that you can’t have?”

Jim responds “It was a might out of my control.” 
Dad has a slightly more advanced idea. He tells Jim that the people in Marla’s world have to be way ahead in their development and may possess answers that our minds cannot grasp and to ask them for help.”
                The city of all for one and one for all is but one city of many here on earth. Each city is independent, however if a situation arises where the mind power of millions are needed they call upon the entire planet for assistance. If even more mind power is needed then they can go to their elders who exist on a higher plane. The “ELDERS” are pure energy containing the accumulative power and wisdom of the past and present. The elders answer to the most powerful force known to ever exist. “THE SUN” they believe that is the source of all life in the universe.
The ones on earth are known as Marsiers. They are one and the same as humans but have evolved more quickly. The Marsiers use the power of all minds working together as one. The Marsiers are literally an internet of minds. They have never possessed individuality; therefore the spreading of the corruptive diseases that have devastated other dimensions did not slow their progress allowing them to leap light years ahead of their human cousins.  All for one is all they have ever known. The feelings of love and happiness are so powerful that any signs of darkness are immediately voided by the city. Their minds work as one enabling them to harness powers not comprehended by their cousins.
                In community centers across the planet Marsiers are gathering to understand the story of Marla and Jimmy. Assistance has been summoned with hope that millions will react as Marla’s city has. Marla’s city relays all the details telepathically. Marsiers measure the magnitude of situations through the power transmitted and felt through all receiving the message. Seems the whole planet is amazed by such a simple heartwarming story. Each city has had instances of helping humans at one time or the other. However Marla and Jim are unique. Marla was barely walking when the Marsiers stepped in to save her and she was raised as one of them and taught their abilities. The city found this feat astonishing as they did not think humans capable of achieving such skills.  Jimmy was saved from an accident on his motorcycle which the Marsiers refer to as an accident machine. It’s how Marla and Jim became one and the love they have for one another that captured the Marsiers hearts. This was not thought possible with such war like distant cousins. All Marsiers across the planet have but one question, they must know more about Jim. The way to gain the answer to their question is only achievable with the aid of the elders. The Marsiers can feel Marla’s heart and read all her thoughts but they must read Jim’s heart and mind to see his purity of soul.  
They ask the elders to acknowledge the will of all Marsiers. They request help in finding a solution for Marla’s and Jimmy’s happiness. It has been decided the elders will allow all the millions of Marsiers of the world to channel through Marla’s dream and ask Jimmy’s permission to search into the depths of his mind and heart for the answers needed. Never before has this happened in their world. It will become so that night.
That night Marla and Jimmy unite in their dream and Marla asks Jimmy for his blessing for all Marsiers past and present to enter his spirit. Jimmy has no qualms, he owes them his life and has not one doubt in allowing them into his consciousness. So with his permission they evaluate his heart and find complete purity and love for Marla and all Marsiers. Such overwhelming love and purity from now two humans break their measureable scales in the Marsier Kingdom.
An unexpected yet wonderful surprise for the Marsiers happens. All the brain power of the Marsiers tapped into two more human minds. Mom and Dad jumped into Marla and Jimmy’s dream and well let’s just say they found more good souls in that dimensions. Millions of minds can have small glitches no matter how advanced you are. Three humans Marla and all Marsiers have a laugh of delight at what transpired, humor across two dimensions.
The stage is set for the Giver of Life to do some extra creating in creating an ultimate solution never before asked.
Marsiers across the planet wait patiently on an answer and they see many options.
Allow Jimmy back into Marla’s world just as before that is option number one in the Marsiers world.
The other is to allow Marla to rejoin her original dimension and have access to her through the dream world.
Neither option feels quite right. Both would be disrupting families in two dimensions and that does not feel right. Family is everything and they felt that from Jimmy’s parents when they mistakenly taped into their souls and consciousness.
The Giver of Life will create two new lives one for each world. A Jim for Marla and her dimension and a Marla for Jim in his world; therefore families stay together. These new partners are one and the same with identical souls, bodies, minds identical, not copies. Not different individuals in two different dimensions.  Individuality is unknown to the Marsiers but they really see the need for this particular instance. But will individuality really exist? A person must know where he comes from to become who they are, so without that knowledge would it alter them in any way? The answer must play itself out.
Tonight in two different dimensions surprises will happen upon awakening. Togetherness never thought possible exists from a chance happening. 

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  1. I had almost forgotten about this story until I came back to read some of your old posts. What a great imagination you have Glen. You could have written a book, or two.........hey never too late!!!