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Sunday, February 19, 2012


I been doing some reading, I now feel like doing a little writing. I feel really relaxed and a mite woozy! No I ain't been drinking anything with alcohol in it, just ice tea! Sadness of the world sticks inside my soul, building up like that fatty gunk that eventually closes off your arteries and you know what happens then. Bye, bye, OR By-pass surgery!

Why is it, all the wise ones of the world, cannot help US? It certainly seems to me wisdom sure as hell ain't a winning! Wisdom sure seems to be way down and the odds seem insurmountable to this old country boy. It be the two minute warning and all the greatest football players ain't a gonna bring us back from a deficit of 15 trillion $$$$$'s! Wowza! wowza! wowza! That be so many 0's I can't type them for fear of using up all me space!

All of us mentally challenged ones, could not of done such a job as this. This here be an inside job brillantly orchestrated. This uncomprehensible figure does not include the rest of our world.

There is absolutely no way, anybody I grew up with, or currently know, could f-word this up as much as whomever, or whatever is in charged of this here country, or the world, for that matter, huh ah, no f-ing WAY!!!!!!!!

Anyone who reads my semi-coma-induced-ramblings, know-sa I make fun, for the fun of it, and let me make this PERFECTLY CLEAR! Read my lips! Ah oh! I reckon you can't read my lips! Sorry! Rrr-ead my words, as I make this PERFECTLY CLEAR! I believe a President of ours uttered those words once upon a time in the days of fairy tales!

 Damn! Challenged lopsided thing-a-ma-jig-gee in me brain can't processed any data I have read or heard on the radio or television or newspaper or any place anymore for that matter! I just know's what I know's or feel's what my heart feels! Baby! I trust ONLY that, and a few friends and relatives! 

You see, the everyday craziness is messing me up! I cannot write my kind of humor anymore, the burden of the world lies too heavily within my chest. I thought for sure after my latest bout with health problems, I had fluid buildup in my chest, I would feel better and get back to my preferred humor! Apparently, the heaviness I feel, also has something to do with heaviness pertaining to my heart! That cannot be overlooked, no way, no how, can it?

I work with developmenrally challenged and o'l Glen has some big time mental challenges of his own. So don't be getting your shorts all in a bind at what I be writing! Hold yer breeches up for a sec and let me explain in my own way! Just give an old fat country boy with no Ivy League learnin a chance. Ya see I be a by-product of assemblying. I hear y'all outthere saying HUH? Okey, dokey I will explain. I'll break it down fer ya.

ASSEMBLYING! Ass, as in the ones in charge and ruining every dag blasted thing they do for the good of US!

Em, as in them, u-know who them are! Sure you do we vote fer them! Are we clear so far? But little did we simple folk know, it B, be the ones behind the ones, we vote for that be doing the screwing! I don't know about you butt, I, ow, ow, ow, am getting tired of being shafted till death do us part!

Lying, Em be lying through their gold plated teeth to us regular folk and I would also be lying if I said other wise!

The Challenged ones given the opportunity would do a superior job! They do not think in terms of greed, control, manipulation! It's not in there way of thinking! They be a lot like me, simple, who have not been born with silver spoons in their mouth! Simple pleasures are all we want, but it be damn sure! They could rule the countries of the world, without wars, manipulation of banks, stock exchanges, greed , control! EVIL IS NOT IN THEIR VOCABULARY, NOR MINE!!! 

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  1. Those who are running things behind the scenes are "wise" in their own eyes only, but in the end they will find that they are the fools and it will be too late for them.

    And those who are looked down upon, the common simple people will reap the good reward they deserve. I believe this with my heart. But in the meantime, it hurts to see the world suffering under the rule of the EVIL ones.