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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Bad News, Bad News!

DAMN... Damn... damn! I tried writing a post and it turned too serious on me! I'm tired to death of all the bad news! It's destroying my ability to write my humor. I got's to block it, out if only for a little while! I have been working on several short stories, perhaps that's what I need to do for a spell! The insanity flu, has become a pandemic. Nothing makes sense, tv, newspaper, radio, stories, internet news, wowza! The smarter, the more civilized, the more technalogical gizmo's of instantaneous communication is destroying the fibers of our life. I watch at work as fellow workers cannot wait two hours between breaks to check their phone messages. Give me a !@$ing break! At break time their texting as fast as them fingers can go. How in the hell did the old timers ever get by without these modern communication brain reducing TOYS from the deepest depths of helldumb ? Let's go back before television.Oh my God! Was there ever a time before video games and television? When was that, the Roman Empire! My Grandpa was born in 1900, can you imagine? Nope no one born in the modern era of computers can visualize that! What would we do? Walk to school, I don't think soo! Do chores around the house and help Pa in the barn, plow and harvest the crops! No indoor plumbing, pump and hauling in of water from an outdoor hand pump. Go to the outhouse to poop! I don't think so! With all the modern conveniences we should use the time to learn, explore think, read, make life better for the next generation. It ain't happening is it? Drug usage up, legal or illegal, high school graduation rate, down. Intelligence testing down, well it ain't no wonder to an old fat man like me. It's sure great that there's a lot of fast food restaurants for the kids to work in! It sure is nice the parents allow their children to live with them, as the next generation reproduces!

I got to rambling a mite, u-now I NEVER do that! Ha, Ha. Ha! A friend of mine allowed a fellow blogger's post to be on his site. I could only read part of it. Why? Because it's the same O, same O, bad news stories that I have to block out. It's information overload, the same reason why I don't watch any news programs, nor read a lot of stories in the newspaper. OUR brains are bombarded with so much bad news bad news. We have beome like the old story where the little boy cries "wolf" too many times, then no one pays attention when the wolf is real. Damn! I'm tired of the basic same BAD news retold over and over. Opinions are GREAT! I love reading opinions, but please why are the fellow bloggers repeating the same news as the mass media that destroys the truth and works for The Powers That Be? Beware T. P. T. B. want OUR media too!!! Seems to me like their Pete and Repete! Of course that's My opinion! I occasionally visit other sites and find some quite enjoyable! Maybe I have become old, BUT BABY, I KNOW WHAT I LIKE! I love reading others from around the globe and the differences in how they speak and variations of words they use. I laugh at ones from other countries that write English better than I ever will. It plum tickles my funny bone. We're all INDIVIDUALS unique. It's that uniqueness that makes us special! The repeating of the truth, IF indeed it is the truth is BORING!!!  Opinions and individual stories are interesting, least wise to ME! Remember your favorite teachers? They instilled into you the desire to learn, right? I have a friend who writes an extremely fine blog and I admire "HIS STYLE", have from the beginning. It's not necessarily the message he preaches, it's his style, storytelling, humanity from his point of view. He makes learning fun again. That's what we bloggers should be about! I love reading others words when I sense it's coming from deep within. First and foremost it should be fun for the writer and not a chore. We readers ain't stupid, don't makes us so! We can watch the evening news both local and the world for all the bad news, bad news. Tell us something, unique, interesting, tell us something we don't already know, tell us something going on in YOUR neck of the world, give us YOUR stories, Your opinions, make us feel YOUR innermost thoughts, tell us from YOUR heart, YOUR soul. Feeling YOU is what I wish to understand! I have read many a beautiful words and I LOVE IT!!! I say thanks for that! Goodnight from old Glen.

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  1. Nice one Glen! It really does seem as though a lot of the blogs are just mechanically repeating the same BS stories over and over.

    Methinks the blogger movement has reached it's peak and is starting a slow slide into the dung hill of time.