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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Barbie Dolls & Real Women!

Man this here work shit s-u-c-k-s! Once upon a time in the Kingdom of Glen View I liked it! ( Shows you how stupid I really am! )  I reckon they call it work for a reason huh! If it was called play or have fun it would be too easy but know somebody had to call it work! Man the first full night back liked to killed this old !@#$er! I can say what I feel right? At least until Security decides to lock everyone up for OUR security! Think about that for a moment!

Do actors call what they do work? Would saying certain lines in front of a camera and being paid to be good looking really complicated? Runway models get paid to walk strangely and wear hideous clothes that nobody in my neck of the woods would ever wear! The pay must not be too good, they apparently do not make enough money to eat a quarter pounder. Damn! They look like death, it would be like making love to a pencil! They ain't got nothing to grab onto! I'd be afraid to squeeze one of them super skinny ass models, I would crack a rib! These clothing designers, are they mostly gay and they take out their pent up frustrations on these poor skinny young girls! I can't help but think the way they all walk strange because they don't have enough energy to walk right. The poor things have to force one leg in front of the other and really concentrate, you can see that look of concentration in their faces! Deathly hollowed facial features show a far away look! They are thinking I won't get my daily popsicle if I don't concentrate and make it down that runway, how they find the energy to turn around and make it back I don't understand! Probably adrenalin rush from thinking about the popsicle. These models are probably kept in  the basement, they be so white! You would have to lock normal people up to keep them from eating something.

I must break away for one moment to give further opinions. I'm sorry! Hell no I ain't! It pains an old man, to see women be made to look like Barbie Dolls. What's special about all women is they are all uniquely different, and baby! REAL women, don't look like they come from a concentration camp! I like women who smile and have some life in them! I love women who think and have some brains. Blonde jokes portray blondes as having low I. Q.'s The fashion industry has set women back to the caveman times. They appear to me nothing more than slaves to them !@#$%^&*!@#$%^&*-SOB's. I was going to say some really bad words, please feel free to fill in your own chosen ones for me. I don't understand things in this life, I only hope I do in the next life. I see beautiful women everyday, REAL women! Women have delicious curves and they are suppose to show them curves!

Whoa! I don't have the foggiest idea where this post came from! The paintings of famous artist does not show Barbie Doll features. Man I loove to be out and see real women wearing sweats and you can see them womanly curves showing and they be walking like REAL women! One of them pencil models wearing sweats would look like a gay man, oopsey! Did I say that! Some things are really screwed up in life and the fashion industry sure as hell is one of them! I just bet you, like everything else men, even gay men screw everything up!!!  GLEN    

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  1. I've never been pencil thin and even though I have lost 12 pounds, I am nowhere near pencil thin, nor ever will be. I look more like "Little Bear" short and slightly round haha ! It is a shame that "they" have brainwashed people into thinking that beauty means thin. That goes for men or women. I like a little padding on a man. Two really skinny people making love would be like two skeletons clanking bones together if you ask me. It would have to hurt ! I guess I better shut up, don't want to offend any Barbie dolls ......