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Wednesday, February 1, 2012


Eyes red, cannot sleep

World, turned inside out

Laughter followed by tears

Life shall continue

I love life, I really do

The every day beauty shines thru

Babies and puppy dogs

Spirit flies high, I feel the mountain's call

What I see, depends which direction I look

To the east D. C. I smell man-ure 

Much much farther across the ocean, where oil bubbles thru mighty sand

Tension, war, children dying, a new conflict seems for sure


The answer

Greed, control, peace never to be

Not since the beginning

I wish to be God, if only for a day!

To set right the wrongs

Why? Damn! wouldn't that be a GLORIOUS, WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL DAY

What then! Would not! Things, return to the old ways?

Once this day is done, it will be done!


  1. This is just beautiful. You have said so much in so few words Glen. One has to wonder how we are still able to find the good in life with all the atrocities being perpetrated against innocent people.

    To be God for a day? I don't know that I would want to be God , but I feel sure that one day God will set things right, that evil will be defeated and then my friend your words will ring true . Glorious, wonderful, beautiful !

    I do believe that will all that I am.

  2. Grrr I can't seem to type words right these days...... that should read "WITH" all that I am !