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Wednesday, February 29, 2012


I wish to get this our first. Opinions are like assholes, everyone's got one! Ha, ha, ha! That being out of the way I can get on with my thoughts on this matter. No! Opinions, not assholes, sheesh!

Have you ever wondered how opinions can vary so much? Nope! Well, this might be a short post! Are you questioning about now "who the hell is that crazy old fart talking too?"

You see it's 4 AM and eveybody including the dog is asleep, sooo I'm talking to myself! Is there a law against that? At least not yet!

Opinions can be full of thoughtful insight that leaves you thinking, "why didn't I think of that"! Or, "that's the craziest, lame brain stupid thing I've ever heard of!" Well, I just reckon we're, as in you and I, are not the crazy assholes, we're somewhere in between most likely. At least I really, absolutely, positively, hope so!

A very wise piece of wisdom is, please shut the frick up and just listen! Damn! Seems like I use to say that a lot at work, before I learned meditation! Well, maybe that intelligent phrase is linked to one of them Confused fella's. U-know, one of them thinkers that sit's on mountains and ponders a lot. Probably thinking how the heck am I going to get down off this mountain, OR, I should of done this earlier in the summer, my ass is freezing, OR, I could really go for a super size meal at Wendy's about now!

Listening, as in REALLY listening! The kind of listening that goes farther than your ears, the kind that gets them synapses firing.

Growing up visiting family and friends was entertainig and educational for us young ones. We boys were allowed to sit with the men folk and listen, but not interrupt. Believe me I got a education and listened to many opinions. The best thing about these days, I learned there are many angles, thoughts, opinions! Made even a young boy learn to listen and take in all sides, to form his own opinion. To this day I love to read and ponder other peoples opinions. Listening, as in truly listening is a lost art. I believe most people tune out the value coming from others opinions, because their too busy waiting to give their opinion. I believe we can learn more by listening! I never tired of it as a young boy, it was stimulating. I learn to examine and see through the bull. Non the less it was fun, we had no television and other distractions it was a room full of grownups talking real adult day to day matters and telling stories.

Move forward to today, my hearing is shot, but I love to read. I get the same fun today, but the fun is harder to come by, too much bull, if you know what I mean Vern! (Remember Jim Varney, who made all those funny commercials and made some movies, he made that saying "you know what I mean Vern famous, sorry, I got sideswiped per usual, but I wanted to remind you where that saying came from.) Why did I mention him? He was silly, he made you laugh, we don't get enough simple, fun, silliness anymore!     

Your saying to yourself about now "what the hell is Glen talking about?" I love opinions, I still learn from opinions, they still stimulate my imagination. Whether I agree or disagree, doesn't matter! I love and live for those moments when I read something someone has put into words what I could not!!! It's like they were inside MY mind and wrote those words just for me, and I know you MY friends know exactly what I'm saying, "ain't it wonderful!"

Silliness, fun, laughter, we can never get enough. We're too busy worrying over the information overload kind of crappola that has filled every nook and cranny and taken over, OUR world! We are shot so full of information overload and it ain't the silly fun kind! Death, destruction, mayhem, wars, world debt and Politicians, yuck!!!

Write your opinions, your stories, your craziness, silliness! WE THE CHILDREN OF THE WORLD ARE ONE AND THE SAME. I bet we laugh at the same stories, cry at the same stories, love our families. WE ARE ONE AND THE SAME, PLEASE MY FRIENDS, LET US NOT FORGET THAT, AND USE OUR OWN LIFE LEARNED OPINIONS AND NOT THE DEVILISH TRAITORS THAT WISH US TO KILL, OUR BRETHERN!!!  Thank you my good friends from all over the world, you touch an old man's heart more than you will ever know to see people reading my humble, simple man's words. Goodnight, Glen.     


  1. I think the biggest problem these days is that most people try to pass off their opinions as facts and if they tell themselves something long enough they believe it to be so.

    On the other hand like you said, we should think for ourselves and not just believe everything "they" tell us as if it is the gospel truth.

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