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Friday, February 24, 2012

The Valley

First I must give a little background. My dreams seem to be more memorable, more vivid, just soo much more, on Saturdays! My thought on this matter. My longest and hardest day at work is my Friday/Saturday, remember now I work the graveyard shift. It takes me longer to relax my mind and body after this night. When it all comes together and I go into a dream mode, its magnificent! Breathtaking in clarity, imagination and meaning, as I try to make sense out of what my mind is communicating or is it meaningless drivel! (I don't think so! I believe there lies wisdom in our dreams that only we can interpret!) I have mostly pleasant dreams and for that I am eternally grateful. Without that beautiful ability to visit the dream realm, I could not survive. Of that simple fact I'm sure of! My imagination and my dreams have created me and Glen View has become my outlet. My posts sum this up, I'll let you decide the whole of my many parts. From the highest mountain to the lowest valley ride along with me. I wish to not bore you, no matter which direction I travel...

I have many dreams with my Grandma and Grandpa N. in them. Why? I believe they may be my guardians into the other world.

This dream starts out and I'm sitting in the backseat of a new automobile of my Grandpa's. My Grandma is also in the front seat and we're going on a trip. I'm thinking to myself as my Grandpa drives, he's too old to be driving and dead, why am I with them? But the dream is so real that thought quickly perishes.

My Grandpa stops the luxurious/futuristic looking automobile and tells me "here you drive for a while." I drive off in this unusual automobile and am having major problems. I'm driving down a hill and the brakes won't work, I'm going too fast and am out of control! My Grandpa tells me to do this and do that, but this crazy futuristic thing does what it wants! I'm bouncing off cars, sidewalks, embankments, hitting everything in my path. It won't shut off, brakes won't respond, I did have some steering as I fought to avoid a direct head on collision with everything. Then the unthinkable happens! We're flying off a cliff, high above the valley of what is sure to be our end! All of us are thrown free. Below us is a lake, all three land smackdab! I hit bottom and rise to the top, my Grandpa's doing likewise. He yells "she's at the bottom." I dive back in and pull Grandma to dry ground! Shes alive, but not responding. We carry her inside the closest house and lay her on a large round oval rug and cover her up. There are six old people sitting motionless in chairs that look at us, more like look through us. They appear coma like, lifeless, not a twitch of their eyes, yet look as though they're alive. I tell Grandpa "I'm going for help!"

I get a good look as I ran outside at this big older house. We're at the bottom of a valley with cliffs all around. Houses line every nook and cranny of this cliff and there's no visible way out, so I start the climb upwards walking across houses that are connected with front porches sticking out over the cliff. People are sitting on the porches looking toward the top of the cliff, all of them have the same motionless stare as the people I first encountered where I left my Grandpa. I walk through one house and in the kitchen is an retarded young man asking for something to eat. He's not looking at me, continuously asking over and over. As I get close to the top there are faces in stone, 10 times life size all moving their eyes and mouth as if trying to tell me something, uttering no sounds. I get to the top and see massive pieces of machinery, earth moving equipment, continually filling in the valley. They are tearing a mountain down and filling in the valley. No humans just the roar of diesel engines with massive wheels turning and rock boulders crashing down into the valley. There's no one to talk to, no one to help me. The valley of empty souls is being entombed. I understand, they're all dead, only their bodies remain to be buried, not alive like me!


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  1. I read this in the morning and I have reread it, but I have no clue how to interpret this. I was never very good at figuring out what my own dreams meant unless they were very straighforward.

    Very weird and interesting dream this is though. If I come up with anything I will let you know.