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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Common Sense?

I wish to talk about common sense. What is common sense? I haven't the foggiest idea! I have heard that term but who has it? How do you get it and why doesn't everybody have it? The higher learning one achieves, shouldn't they have the most, common sense! After all, they are the most intelligent correcto mundo! (Haven't the foggiest idea where that came from, don't believe I've ever used those words before, oh well, anything goes!) The one with the genius I. Q. is not common, but they should have a lot of sense right! It would make sense, right! What is sense? Sense is not how many coins you have in your pocket or piggy bank. Although, plenty of coins can equal a lot of cents, but not sense, I have no cents, or sense! To ones like me who have a significant hearing loss, cents and sense are the sane, we hear them as scents, oh shit! I just made a new word! I'm so !@#$ing confused! (Ya didn't think I could write one post without using that word did ya! ) ( I just noticed, I used a sentence that began with Ya, and ended with ya, that makes no sense, how did I do that?) I reckon it be, because I have no, cents, sense or scents! I have also heard the word sensor and censor, huh what's this all about? I'm partially deaf, BUT sure sounds a lot alike to me, and that makes absolutely no sense! When I get home after work, sometimes I have many scents. When I do maintenance work as I did the other night, my scent was grease, and uwe, I absolutely HATE that scent, but I have to, sometimes to make cents, does that make any sense? There is a factory close to where I work that makes soap, and boy, do they have a lot of scents! I hope they make a lot oh cents, because I like them scents.

Okay, now that I have made some sense, what is common sense? Common is common u-know. There is a place in my town we call The Commons. Why, because us commoners can go there and see many different events through out the year. Let's pretend I'm common, or a commoner as in the old days of Kings and Queens regular people were called Commoners. I suppose that still the same today in England, regular people like me are commoners. ( Oh my God what would I write like and sound like?)  So the regular people that work pay their taxes and raise children are common, live in a common house and shop in common stores and so on and so forth. Are you following me here because I think I just lost myself! I never thought this common sense thing would be so hard ! Maybe I need another example. I have heard the 16 penny nail in the states referred to as a common nail. Years ago I helped frame a house and that was the nail we used then to bind the 2x4 studs together for framing. It was the most common nail used to build the house. So we commoners as in hard working carpenters used common nails to build a common house for the common people. The 16 penny nail, ah oh! A penny is one cent right. Just when I thought I was figuring this shit out I get thrown for a loop! Does it take 16 pennies to make a 16 penny nail? No them nails are a different color and a penny is made of copper or used to be. My oh my! I'm getting in deeper and deeper here ain't I?

Common as in regular. Sense as in a commoner with good, sound down to earth judgement, upbringing, intelligence, close enough I reckon. I don't know anyone like this, no wonder I hear everybody say they don't have any common sense, it ain't common! I'll certainly testify to that in my little piece of the planet!


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  1. Good post Glen . I think common sense is using good judgement in ordinary circumstances. Not doing stupid things hahaha ! I guess we all could use more common sense, but I think we commoners have a whole lot more sense than those who rule us don't ya think? They don't have any common sense when they spend the cents of the commoners and there is an awful scent coming out of Washington DC ~~

    Oh thanks once again for the encouragement over on my blog this morning. I appreciate your words my friend .

    Have a wonderful day !