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Sunday, February 5, 2012



Bridge across time

How can I convince anyone about my apartment experiences when I’m having a rough time? They have put me in an unexplainable situation.  I’ve heard of a sixth sense; can this explain what I’m part of. Perhaps I’m receptive to other realities, chosen to fulfill a purpose at this particular moment in time. The fact that science doesn’t acknowledge the unexplainable does not make it impossible? It simply means it is unproven at this time, or they simply cannot rationalize it with an equation.

Trying to understand the unknown is a little too much for this young reporter. That might be it! Exactly, I’m a reporter and I am part of this story. What else can explain it, my imagination and curiosity is essential.

Mom once told me that I possess what she called a special sensitivity. She explained it to me as the ability to pick up on emotions way beyond normal. She was convinced that at times I could read her mind. I also remember her saying it was stronger in my younger years.

I’m somehow in tune with the energy that invades me while in the apartment. It explains the overwhelming warmth and energy I feel.  Perhaps I am unique. The energy penetrates every cell of my body and takes, while at the same time filling.  It is my destiny. I’m communicating with the past, present and future. I’m chosen to restore order. Yes! That’s it. I’m the bridge to the misplaced. I am “The Bridge Across Time.”

 I won’t go into details about my conclusion at Zonas. Keith and Ruth will think I’ve gone over the edge.

Time for our weekly discussion, Keith and Ruth are already there. Zona invites the three of us to use her office. “Ya’ll make yourself comfortable” she says.

“Made an old man sleep on the floor, what kind of friend are you?” Keith asks.

“You probably passed out” I replied.

 “Yes hangovers are hell no matter where I sleep. I got you typing didn’t I”

 “Yes professor and I owe you, thanks a million” I answer. We share a good laugh.

“Ruth you look good, I can’t put my finger on it” I remark.

 “That’s the way women look when I’m the dessert, you know what I mean” smiles Keith. Ruth slaps Keith and giggles, saying “you big ape”. “Okay I got my answer, you two look great. Please control your dessert cravings until after our conversation. Has Keith filled you in about last Saturday night and my writers block”, I ask. “Yes” Ruth answers. I explain Keith got me typing in his own unique way.

“How about you boys sit back and let me tell you about Angelina. Can’t let you two do all the talking. I knew Angelina better than Nick thought. I talked to her countless times. She was bright and charming. A real down home person; she had the knack of making you feel at ease. She was simply one of those people you could not dislike. Angelina told me the first time she shook Nick’s hand and formally introduced herself she got goose bumps.  She actually felt a charge enter her hand when they touched. After their first lunch she knew it was more than a crush. She wanted to take him home. The more he talked the more she wanted him. He brought passion out in ways that no one else ever had. Nick possessed every trait that she desired with one exception. He was married. She simply could not resist Nick, yet all they have done so far was talk. Not a kiss, he has not touched her, not held her hand. His looking deep into her eyes made her lust unbearable. She hung onto his every word; he understood her better than anyone, even her best friend. Nick had surpassed her best friend, he was her best friend. He was not like any of her male friends. He was a real man and she was a woman lusting for him. The longer she waited the more aroused she became. She was a stick of dynamite waiting for his cap so she could explode.

He walked her to the car and opened her door. How she remained in control she could not understand. Nick talking about his wife and their life story did not stop the lust, rather the opposite. He has been with one woman all his life.

Finally he explained to her how he spends nights in the apartment and would she join him for dinner. She thought to hell with dinner, she would be his dinner and dessert. At last her wish was to become true. He told her that he would be working late tomorrow, so he would pick up carryout and a bottle of wine. He told her to come about eight and gave a key to let herself in. He told her it was his home away from home. No one had ever spoken more romantic to her, not one sensual word yet foreplay had already begun. She was about to get her gift. If giving was better than receiving; well, the things she had dreamed about giving Nick.

She never understood the word giddy or is it even a word. She was acting strangely, light headed, happy and entirely emotional. She could not make a decision, what do I wear? She was totally off center. Oh my goodness silliness, that must be giddy.

She didn’t want to be early; she did not feel right unlocking the door. She waited until a light appeared. She knocked on the door a few minutes after eight. “Door is open” Nick said. Upon entering, the first room she noticed was a bedroom. The thought of stripping and lying on the bed enters her mind. Her first glimpse at Nick, he was wearing jeans and did he look good!

A candle was burning; he took her by the hand and led her to the table. He poured her a glass of wine. Holding her hand he looked deep into her eyes. She could see the candlelight flickering in his. He’s was now holding both her hands, he was making love heart to heart. They had not shared a kiss yet she felt like they had made love 1,000 times, not speaking as their eyes did the talking. She thought this cannot be real. Is it truly happening? Nick released his hands and put them around her waist. Angel did the same and laid her head on his chest. Sea of love played as they melted together in a slow lustful dance. This was their first; first hand holding and closeness, their first kiss, her first lovemaking. She was glad she waited for love, and not the back seat at the local Drive-In. This is fairy tale closeness, two hearts melt together. Nick took her to the bedroom. He tenderly placed both hands beside her head and kissed her forehead and under each ear, then a brief kiss on her chin. Finally their lips meet ever so gently, at this second her body became weak. He locked his arms tight around her waist and kissed her with such passion quivers went through her body. The more passionately he kissed her, the stronger her quivers became. His strong arms held her up as he unbuttoned her dress. They had all night and he didn’t want animalistic lust to interfere with the completeness he wanted. She was a mound of wet clay waiting on the sculptor to turn her into a masterpiece. Her mind said, get down to it. She was glad she did not get her way. He was fulfilling both their fantasies beyond her wildest dreams and he had not removed any lingerie; she was his toy. He removed his clothes and gently guided her onto the bed face down, kissing the back of her neck and at the same time unhooking her bra. With the bra lying open he kissed every inch of her back stopping at the middle just above her panties. Her back tingled. Propped up on his right elbow his left hand is rubbing her all the way down to the small part of her back and teased what lay beyond. His breathing was becoming rapid as his desire was intensifying. She moaned with contentment; she was a woman. Her pleasure was first and foremost on his mind. After feeling her climax he resisted the urge to speed up his movements. He wanted the pleasure to last as long as it could. But when Angel climaxed once more he could no longer control himself. They shook uncontrollably and lay face to face with contentment. Angel lying curled up in Nicks arm savored the euphoria. Time had ended; it carried no meaning; only the feeling of that moment mattered. The gentleness along with his control to satisfy her made her cry with contentment. She was glad she had waited for Nick to be her first. No lovemaking could possibly top that night, however she would be willing to try. They lay as one, not a word spoken, Nick fell asleep. Angel listened to his breathing as she smiled with happiness, knowing she had given him pleasure. If only that moment could last forever.  She felt like fine wine that had been bottled up, aging. waiting for the right time of perfection to be opened. Nick chilled her to exact perfection and masterfully popped the cork to smell the aroma.

After sleeping nude all night, waking up together was not awkward. That was the first of many nights in the apartment. They sometimes actually had candlelight dinners. They would talk for hours about everything and gaze deep into each other’s eyes. It was more than sex. Sometimes they would have a long candlelight dinner, then go to the living room and fall asleep holding each other. It simply was about being together. They shared a love that will never burn out THE FLAME”

How about that apartment story Bob” Ruth asks. Keith and I are speechless. It’s clear that Ruth and Angel were good friends, more like girlfriends to know the detailed and juicy stories that Angel told her.

“Has keeping Nick and Angel’s secret all these years, been trying for you Ruth?”

“Not at all, in the beginning when Nick asked me to keep Angel a secret, I was upset. His love for her won me over and Angel and I became extremely close as you can surmise from the story that I just told. It was the kind of love that was meant to be. The kind of love movies are made from. Only this was real and I helped them to share that. I was privileged that they both confided in me and told me their innermost thoughts. I had their trust and they had my loyalty. I have much insight from both of them which I will share. Nick and Angel’s first encounter was so beautiful I cried when she told me. “Enough for tonight” she says. Smiling, Ruth asks “Have I given you anything to think about?”

Keith and Ruth say goodnight. I give Ruth a thank you kiss on the cheek.

 “Hey take it easy there fella she’s my girl” Keith says. We laugh at that. When they leave I sit alone in thought. Such breathtakingly beautiful love, why did it end? That’s where I come in. Bob Garrity. That’s where I come in, “Private Eye” to the unknown. Something vibrates within me to find the answers. I will cross the bridge of time for you.

The door opens bringing me back to the real world and I realize I am in Zonas office. She said “Can I get you anything honey? For a second or two the thought of the girls that Zona could put me in touch with crosses my mind. Ruth’s story of Nick and Angel was arousing. I want lovemaking not a sex toy, “No, thank you very much for the loan of your office, much better”.

When I get up to leave Zona tells me “I would do anything for that old bald headed sailor. I hope Ruth and Keith get along, they make a nice couple. It’s like a coincidence has brought them together.” Smiling at that, yes I think that’s true.

On my drive home I dwell on what Zona said. Ruth and Keith have worked together all those years. Attending social gatherings, I suppose you could call that dating. Two lonely people that know and trust each other, coincidence, I think not. Only after questioning Keith he leads me to Ruth and convinces her to join us. She then decides to confide in both of us after hearing me talk about the apartment. The story of Nick and Angel has helped take their friendship to a new level. I am extremely happy for them. A young reporter feeling happy for his friends, maybe I am sensitive. I hope I don’t have to wait as long as they did to find my special someone.

It’s Saturday afternoon and I am sitting in my favorite chair. My mind is calm and I am relaxed. I am at peace. Energy starts flowing through me as the hair on my arms feel like they are moving. The tingling sensation is once again within me. Upon opening my eyes I see Nick and Angel forming out of millions perhaps billions of dust specks. What an amazing sight to see. The locket emits a light into me and the Nick and Angel dust replicas. Not only do I see them but I can feel their presence. I feel as though the energy that they are part of is now part of me. Angel appears to be holding something in her left arm cradled against her. I cannot make it out. I feel so close to them. Would it be possible to control the length of time I share with them? We seem as one now and I have the feeling that my concentration will allow me to do just that; amazing. The life like Nick and Angel dissipate much slower. Perhaps I just received my answer. Panning the kitchen, the whole room is brighter cleaner even the curtains are hanging straight. It is truly an amazing sight. The apartment is transforming itself back to a time when Nick and Angel were together. Surely clues have presented themselves today. I need to think about what I have seen. Bob Garrity time detective is on the job.

I walk away happy yet wondering how it must feel to be in love. I think of my own love life, not just someone to date and sex. Someone you would share and give your life for. Nick and Angel probably knew each other better than people that spend a lifetime together. They were best friends before any sexual encounters. The time they spent was real togetherness. It seems to me to be the ultimate love. No outside interference, only quality time, sharing innermost thoughts. All night holding hands on the couch, the pleasure of truly enjoying the others company. The world comes to a halt when they are together. If you were forced to pick your last moments this is where you would be. No words need to be spoken the ultimate happiness. Nothing I have experienced would be measureable compared to what Nick and Angel shared. Compared to their love my encounters would not be measured. Young men are more attracted to sex first. That is probably where we go wrong. That is our first mistake thinking only of our pleasure.

People like Keith and Ruth have lived their life and not found love. I hope now is their time. If that is happening now because of the apartment story I will take much satisfaction in being part of that.

I cannot dwell on my pity. Whatever life gives you must make the best out of it. I am too young to worry about such. I have a story to tell and I won’t allow my selfish thoughts to take attention away from my goals. The story is of two love birds and the love nest upstairs. There lies my destiny and is my story to tell. That is exactly what I will do.

I previously gave mom a copy of chapter one and we discussed it after dinner Sunday. As normal, dad was snoring in the living room with the T. V. on. Mom loves my story but mom has always loved my stories. She has told me countless times that all writers must possess a lively imagination or they would not have anything to write about. “How did you come up with a love story when you are not romantically involved”, mom asked me.

“It’s all imaginary, a magician pulling a rabbit out of a hat. I simply pull it out of my head”, I tell her. “It’s because of your encouragement and long talks that I can write such stories. You single handedly developed my imagination. From as early as I can remember I saw you reading and I would ask what the book says. You always discussed the book to me in ways that a young preschool child would understand. As I grew up you continued. We would discuss for hours some of grandma’s books.” Being a retired librarian she was able to purchase hundreds of old books which we used to expand our mind. “That kind of attention and learning is an important part of who I have become”, I explain to her. She starts crying and says

“Now don’t you forget to get some loving from a good girl, you will be able to write the sensual parts better”. Ending on that note, I tell her, good-bye. What a mother.

Tuesday evening I open an envelope from the mail. The letter states, you have been investigating the apartment above the newspaper. The mystery of Nick and Angelina needs to be brought to a conclusion. Angelina moved to Phoenix, Arizona in early 60. She stayed with her sister Abigail and David Prescott. I will make this brief, look at the next sheet of paper. I have underlined the most important part. It was a birth certificate. On this day 11-11-1960 a girl weighing 7 pounds and 6 ounces, Josephine Nicole was born to Angelina Christina McMillan, father is Joseph Nicholas Sonnatello of Wabash City Indiana.

Now look at the next sheet. It was a Death Certificate. It read deceased, Angelina Christina McMillan died 12-13-1960. Cause of death: Heart Attack, from lingering complications due to childbirth.

I drop the letter. Angel died a month after giving birth to Nick’s daughter. Josephine Nicole named from Nicholas Joseph. I pick the letter up, the last page states. David and Abigail Prescott, aunt and uncle, adopt Josephine Nicole and legally her name is Josephine Nicole Prescott. Date is 2-15-1961.

The last paragraph of the letter reads. David Prescott died in a car accident 6-19-1975.

Abigail and Nicole moved back to her hometown. They now reside in Ridge County, Indiana. Abigail’s father is a farmer; you can find them rather easily. Please bring Nicole and her father together. This should have happened a long time ago. Signed a friend.


Bridge Across Time

By Robert Garrity

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  1. Wow,again I am totally drawn into the story. I can almost see the two lovers together as if I am watching all that takes place. It's funny that you posted another part today because earlier I was thinking about this story and hoping you would soon put up another chapter. Can't wait for the next !! I just love this story and the suspense of waiting to find out what happens next.