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Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sunday, Apple Pie, Imagination and Humor!

It's Sunday the time for fun day, to rest, to go to church to read Glen View. Do what you want to do. I wish to write something, I just wish I knew what. I start out by typing a wee bit and then like lightning my head reverberates back and forth and presto some madness falls into place. Oh yeah ! Would I kid you, my favorite people of the world? Shucky derns no! What does shucky dern mean? Hell I don't know! I just like the way it sounds! I search for even a little madcap madness today, wowza what's the matter something or someone has stolen my sense of humor. How can it be! Without my humor I cannot survive in this cold cruel world! Of course if somebody was to hand me a piece of fried chicken I might be able to force it down, with maybe some cole slaw and a glass of tea. Also a piece of apple pie would help too! Damn I'm feeling better just thinking about it, ain't mind over matter wonderful! After the good feeling of invisible food in my belly I feel fuller, brighter, taller, happier so much so I'm ready for a nap. Wow mind over matter, I have found the secret weapon to extend my life and get rid of the devil high blood pressure that plagues my very existence! I should bottle this and make a fortune until my seven years is up and my patent expires and generic versions becomes available to wipe out my ungodly profit margin!


Sheesh! That was a close one. I had that system installed the last time I was in for a checkup! Since I was at the hospital for various x-rays and such I had a coupon for a colonoscopy or a brain monitor. I chose the brain monitor, because my colon was rotor rooted within my regularly scheduled maintenance plan. Wow, and since I was getting a hearing screening and new hearing aids, I was chosen patient of the month. I'm so happy and received a plaque and a fast food certificate for fast fried food franchise facility for further up, old fart's body! (That was fun tying all the f words together.) As you can see I'm operational and all systems, well my last 5 synapses are running at a few percentage points!

I know, I know, you think I'm one !@#$ed-up-old-!@#$er-don't-ya! That's entirely true and I be as proud as apple pie to admit it! I'm a product of moderm medical madness!

I wrote another post earlier and thought it was too serious, so I didn't post it. I'm feeling fast and furious and full of myself now, so I'm going to make you a deal yes, sir! I'm going to give you two today! How is that a one time deal of not one screwed up old man's rambling but two for the price of one! It don't get no better than that and only from Glen View can you get that kind of a deal! I'm going to sign off with what my old friend Red Skeleton would always say at the end of his show. "Good night and may God Bless!" Your pal, Glen.

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  1. After my last couple of days when I was not very upbeat, I decided to get out of the house today and enjoy the nice weather here on the peninsula. I went with a couple family members to "Bands,Brews and BBQ". I didn't have any chicken, but the BBQ was excellent.

    I enjoy reading your humor, you always make me laugh, but I hope you don't stop writing the serious blogs either. Just keep on writing, the good, the bad, the ugly, the humorous, the serious........ just write. I wouldn't know what to do if you ever quit !

    Have a beautiful week Professor.

    Oh, I love that expression "shucky dern". I think I will start saying that here at home........let them wonder hahaha :-)