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Tuesday, February 28, 2012


It's early Monday AM and I'm totally at peace, feels wonderful. How do I keep this all the time? Man do I ever search for the answer! I was out and about doing chores Sunday, visiting my Mother who is 82 years old. Wow! I certainly won't be around then. Don't think I want too either! Visiting family was nice, real nice. My Mother is an amazing person, I think I got most of my genes from my Father as I fight everyday for the one thing I wish for most, PEACE! Wouldn't it be nice if peace came in a bottle! At work when things are going into the red line as in getting tense, I go get me a bottle of Peace! Sounds beautiful! Laugh at me, why not! I can remember not all that long ago, people saying "I must have my coffee in the morning to get me started." They may be talking about one regular cup of coffee at 8 ounces, then. You stop buy one of them Coffee and Gas R US every morning, for a heap more than 8 ounces! Them coffee cups and insulated mugs keep getting bigger and bigger, yep! Java Joe could not sleep until 2 AM last night. That's when the caffeine hit subsided. Six hours later he needs to fill er up again, no not the S. U. V. the 36 ounce mega Joe Java coffee mug.
                                                 This Here pART, i TITLED oopsey!
(I laugh at some of the words I make while typing. Perhaps that's why I like typing fer a wittle bit, before my beddy-bye time, I get a smiley face before bedtime.) [Damn! I can't believe I just wrota what I writa, don't tell anybody, alrighta.] I'm old enough to know better but young enough to not give a rat's ass, i's my blog and I can writa any fricka way I wanna! Oh! In case yee be womdering, I did leave out the t in the last sentence, i's like the way it sounds! What about the m in wombering? I fricks that up, but gotta laugh so's i left it in. This right here is what I be talkin about! I have fun while doing whatever this is, I be doing! I rove it!

I'm making fun of coffee and I'm hooked on that dastardly devil "sodie pop!" Do they still call it that? That's what they used to call it when I was a young pup. Cokes came in 6 oz bottles, yep I ain't a lying! Pepsi and Coke begin fighting and they went to 12 oz, then 16 oz bottles. What happens next begin the down slide of civilization... The Convenience Store... Them "sodie pops" got bigger with every hike in the price of gasoline. Them fountain "sodie pops" on a hot summer day, make a killing. Just think how much caffeine is being consumed, plum frightening ain't it! Around my parts they have a 32 oz "sodie pop" all the time for 69 cents. Good deal, I reckon, but, but, but, you see a 49 lb kid getting all that caffeine, ain't no wonder your beautiful child is a demon sometimes! 

What's the deal with these caffeine loaded drinks? I thought I got a kick with regular "sodie pop"! My old heart would go off like the 4th of July fireworks, iffa I drank one of these electrifying lightning something or the other drinks! I used to work with a man who consumed one of these caffeine lightning bolts every break, ain't no wonder he was skinny as a rail and hyperactive, plus he smoked, he won't see 50.

Peace is hard to come by in the modern world of jittery over loaded insanity from hell! What I find hilarious is young girls talking so fast I can't make out a word, they probably text the same speed.

My search for peace is a relentless day to day frustration. When it's there it's amazing, beautiful! The only way I find peace is staying away from all things that cause frustration and how the hell is one suppose to do that when the everyday world is like drinking caffeine loaded lightning zappers! But when it happens, as in a beautiful dream, or talking to your puppy dog, or looking at a rainbow, WOW! It's good, so good, if only we could go to the vending machine and purchase a can of PEACE when we need it! In my dreams it can happen I reckon! Glen

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  1. You and I are similar (as you know) in a lot of ways and I too search for that peace and sometimes it is right here in my heart and other times I am a "perfectmindstorm" haha. I have grown to really cherish and appreciate that peaceful feeling when I have it. And I have learned that what I "feed" my mind, affects my mind, so I try to avoid as much distress as possible, but in this world we live in, it is often very difficult.

    I like how you write, t's or no t's !!

    Oh, when I used to work down here at the election office, about 3 PM I would get so sleepy I could barely keep my eyes open. I started drinking Red Bull, one of those caffeine drinks. It was funny because I was normally very quiet at work, preferring to concentrate on getting my job done. They used to tease me about being quiet. Well that was before Red Bull and once I started drinking that, my mouth would run 90 miles a minute....... I can only imagine the stuff that came out of it. All I know is they seemed to get a kick out of me at that time!

    I don't drink that crap anymore. I read where it has caused heart attacks and other problems. I actually don't even drink soda anymore.

    Great post again Professor

    Have a wonderful day/night