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Monday, February 6, 2012


The majority of the time I never have a title to my post, I just start pecking at the keyboard waiting, hopefully for something that I find entertaining to start me on the path to silliness, seriousness or whatever! I find the posts like Trading Places fun, funner, funnier, the funniest, the most funniest to write! Ah the silliness is beginning to drip from me head. Let's see if I can get the spicket at least to a steady trickle. I have been a tryin to teach myself for nye over a year and a half. After breaking many keyboards over my head, I think I'm improving on my speed. I sure miss the rush from the adrenalin that caused me to pick up the poor innocent keyboard! What I don't miss is the headaches! I took pieces from the broken keyboards and made some keyboard art that is hanging above my desk. I appropriately titled it, PATIENCE! AH, HA, HA, HA!

Me and the keyboard have reached an understanding. I also have come to an understanding with myself. We cannot be anything other than what we BE! I did not take one creative writing class in ME lifetime and I sure as hell ain't gonna start NOW! I do it simply for the FUN! That's why, I'm having FUN! WE "must do" soooo many !@#$ING things in life WHY? Because we have to! Them have to do things TIRE US """out"""!!! No I shouldn't of put all them cute little quotation marks around out! Why did I DO IT? Na, na, na, na, na, na! Because it makes me feel like a mischievous wittle kid again and I'm having !@#$ING-FUN! If I get ( somethun ) close to the ( wurd ) you will be able to figure it out and maybe, JUST MAYBE you'll get a smile outta IT! This here, Bloggy-thing a-ma jig ain't costin me nuthin and I'm having the time of ME life! Ain't that a hoooot!

Speaking of hoot! Don't you absolutely loove Owls! They are such cute animals and curious always asking whoo! whoo! whoo! I need a sec to ponder upon somethun that just crossed my mind, please hold.................... Can you teach a Hootie-Owl to say more than whooo? That would be a real hoot now wouldn't it!!! Maybe them Hootie-Owls ain't found any one here on earth they wish to converse with ya reckon? They probably sit outside in the Oak Tree watching them 72 inch big screen televisions and turn their heads side to side thinking to themselves these are some !@#$ING-STUPID-PEOPLE! There is NO WAY I wish to talk to them!

Any-whoo ( Did you like that? ) I weite whatevur pops up ana I ain'ta gonna apoligize fer it!  GOODNIGH  MY FRIENDS IN BLOGDOM. Your friend Glen.

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  1. You know, I think those Hootie-Owls do exactly what you say hahaha !! I'm glad you keep writing, my day would not be complete without your blog.