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Monday, February 13, 2012

Picking The Carcass Clean!

Whitney Houston's song "I will Always Love You," is one of my all time favorite songs. Such talent and beauty at one time, such a waste! From reaching the highest highs to possible the lowest lows, how does Superstar or the average person get caught up in apparent self-destruction. Was it bad relationships with the devils influences of drugs, alcohol or something else entirely that we'll never know! Such a waste, for a one of a kind! Money, fame, talent does not buy love or happiness or much needed friendship.

Fulfillment, strength comes from one place within! Every person has weaknesses, vultures will pick even the strongest carcass clean. Even young children feel the effects of peer pressure and can easily be led down the wrong path, if stability is not given. Too many distractions coming from all directions are destroying the very fabric of our society. Proper guidance seems to be lacking, it's evident every where today. The modern age makes it harder for all of us, too damn easy to get caught up in attempting to get by. The previous generations have not done an adequate job in preparing the future. We have lost the basic family strengths. Somehow, we have lost center, the strength, the building blocks that create a solid foundation to build on! Why? The all about me attitude, I got to have the biggest, the best buy, buy, buy, has destroyed us. Greed, jealousy and evil ways are the destroyers.

It's too late to save the future, the future is already gone! We just won't admit it! The glory days have passed us by! I wonder if we really ever had them! People behind the curtain, sitting in the directors chair have managed and maneuvered us, we just didn't know! Keep us deaf, dumb and blind, direct us through fine showmanship of Political Leadership!

The daily grind of living wears all of us down, from Super Stars, average Joe's and Josephine's on the streets! Trillions of dollars have been given away, how has it helped you? Trillion dollar war that was based on false pretense, fought to help whom? Unemployment high, housing foreclosures, states out of money! The Medical and Pharmas seem to be doing good, why is that? Under insured, high insurance premiums, no insurance. Our Utopian Society has crumbled within my generation. Wars have been fought but never won! It was never about winning was it? Money to be made off death, destruction! Has that not been so since the beginning! The mighty Roman Empire was built by killing, destroying, plundering and returned to the wise men, who sit on the thrones! Wow! Reads like today doesn't it! Animals natural instincts is to kill for food, to survive, to reproduce. Man kills for the greed of gold! How much is enough? Apparently there is never enough! The greed of gold can never be stopped! It has been instilled in Man and cannot be stopped! That greed has been orchestrated and filtered down to the working class! We cannot help ourselves we simply wish to survive to raise our families that is instinctive in us! Actually, that's quite an admirable trait! Evil Entities ( Men of greed. ) understand this! We are but masses to be manipulated by the people sitting in the producers and directors chairs. The behind the scenes manipulators of money, men, power! Damn! I sure wished we could of woke up before it was too late! If somehow we could have destroyed the greed in the Evil Ones and let the good of the masses shine, it could of been a beautiful world! What a wonderful world that would of been!

How the fuck can 1% control all? It doesn't seem possible, does it! I suppose if you own the banks, the military, the leaders of the countries and have ones willing to do anything for money you can accomplish it, I RECKON, I'M JUST AN UNEDUCATED OLD MAN ON THE BRINK OF GOING TO THE NEXT EXISTENCE. HOW THE FUCK DID INTELLIGENT PEOPLE NOT STAND UP AND FIGHT AND DO THE RIGHT THING? TOO MUCH SMOKE AND MIRRORS AND GREED, I RECKON!!!

I hate being in this mood, but I reckon it's part of living and for a little while before The Powers That Be shut this type of communication down for our own safety, I can voice my opinion I reckon! Glen

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