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Friday, February 3, 2012

General Store

Let the day begin. Up and at em sleepy heads. How are we going to solve all the problems of the world if we don't rise early. Remember the early bird....what does the early bird get? I forgot! The first cup of coffee at the convenient store. As you may surmise I absolutely loove convenient stores! Yep! The heartbeat of America is in these stores. ( That's scary, makes one want to go back to bed and cover your head up don't it! ) Once upon a time there was the General Store. In the western movies you would see a sign above a building "General Store." Back then that was really important as important as the bar and of course the bank. Them folks back then did not come to town often, so they would hit Mr. Bankman for a loan against their fourty acres. Then the man of the family would go to the bar and get drunk and let the little woman go shopping. Damn I bet them country women back then had so much fun at the general store. What in tarnation was in a General Store 150 years ago? Damn I haven't the foggiest idea! I reckon there wasn't a shoe department or ladies wear or jewelry or hell I don't know! So the man of the house is getting drunk the little woman as usual the backbone of the family is trying to stretch the dollar until next season. I reckon things never change! The man of the house is hanging with his drunken Bro's lying about everything as only drunken sailors and drunken men everywhere can! That's why I don't drink. I'm silly enough! Interesting thought just flashed. What if I try one time drinking a few beers and typing! I start off being me, and as I get woozy from the alcohol where would my mind take me! Damn! That's one scary ass thought, shivers me timbers just thinking about it.

The convenient store of today be the general store of the old west. Well maybe I figured it out. In my neighborhood the convenient stores have a little bit of everything from snacks for a convenient heart attack, from gasoline to convenient alcohol.

I think to some people the convenient store is an addiction. Here is what Professor Glen thinks. Since convenient stores are....convenient, as in right on your way no matter where your going. Why make coffee, stop at the convenient store for a doughnut and coffee. For those who smoke add cough-a-rettes ( Kinda cute what do you think? ) So we have caffeine, sugar and nicotine. Yep! That will kick start the day and of course gasoline for the S. U. V.  Billy Bob Ray Earl Bob stops by the same convenient store on the way home for a case of beer and a quart of milk for his seven kids. Some things never change I reckon! So this is why convenient stores are called convenient stores. The Professor predicts Pharmacy's and a Nurse Practitioner in every convenient store within 20 years and you heard it first right here on Glen View!!!

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  1. "The Professor predicts Pharmacy's and a Nurse Practitioner in every convenient store within 20 years "

    You know, I think you are probably right about that Professor :-)