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Friday, February 17, 2012

"Ain't Always, Puppy Dogs And Rainbows"

I thought I best take a day off from pecking on my Hewie Picardo yesterday. (That's what I call my new friend, the computer, I began really late you see, never needed one!) I have been too serious lately. A question ran thru my mind as I was fixin a bite to eat after work a moment ago. A simple little question that I wish to explore. If that's okay with you! ( HA, HA, HA!) Why is it that laughter, (Like a good belly laugh, u-know the ones that come from deep within.) smiles seem to be much harder to come by anymore? (I'm talking about myself I don't know about you out there in Blogdom.) I noticed tonight for a spell, I was ME, the way I used to be, while at work! It felt good! REAL good! This was the way I use to be, more so, than now! I was doing the same exact job I use to do, so what is different?

I had an extremely dream filled night of rest. Normally I get up late and have no appetite, therefore I start my day off eating nothing. Then at break time I get something out of the Devil Machine! (Vending Machine) Today I ate a hamburger and a soda from my favorite fast food slowly and basked in the warmth of the sunshine for about half an hour. I felt all snugly warm inside my car. So instead of getting up late because I did not want to get my lazy ass out of bed, I felt good and rested and had some evil calories, caffeine and sugar. Humm! Damn! My belly was content and I was on a sugar and caffeine high. Yep! I like it! If my belly's happy I'm happy! I did not eat, or get hungry until after work. I did drink tea during work.

Could it be as simple as, a good night rest, food in me belly, being in a good mood and not feeling rushed? Nah! So what else could it be?

 All the magical drugs I take? Nah!

Could it be that I do not feel as though, I'm knocking on death's door right now? Possible I reckon!

Anyhow, I'm going to guess all three is most likely the answer! I did notice about four hours into work the antsyness (Nervousness) inside, was poking out it's evil head out. I hate that feeling! Did my magical meds wear off, my sugar high, my caffeine? After much thought I realize, I can no longer work the way I use to, Simply put I'm getting old and don't get the second wind, so to speak. When my first wind goes, baby that's it! I was suffering from physical ailments and pushed myself to exhaustion during my last illness. It is my conclusion I must ease up, I'm no longer a spring chicken, I'm past my prime and almost ready for  the frying pan!

Back to my original point laughter. Have you ever known someone who smiles and laughs at everything? Are they crazy? Probably!!! But they'll probably live longer and do not suffer the inside, nervousness. Can one learn to change bad habits of a lifetime. I do not know, but I must try! The old saying laughter is the best medicine, I do not doubt! Sometimes life is serious, dead serious! it's not always puppy dogs, babies and beautiful rainbows! 

Sometimes life is serious and I feel like I'm the only one who cares! Is it the lifetime affliction of caring too much? CAN ONE ACTUALLY CARE TOO MUCH? I feel the pain of all I see and read about, my heart aches! I truly wish I could block everything out, I cannot!

All my life my frustrations, ALL the things I can do absolutely NOTHING about has ripped my heart!  Out of childhood to now the baggage grows! How does one exorcise your own demise???

I WISH TO BE AROUND FOR A LONG TIME. I have numerous short stories I want to write. This almost nightly escapade in mad cap madness came about by teaching myself to type at the age of old. I need the practice and must tpye something, so I simply wrote whatever was on my mind. Along the way I found it to be calming before going to bed and old Glen needs all the calming he can get! My dreams give me almost daily stories and it would be the greatest thrill of my life to write them for you. That's my goal. My saving grace possibly may be, just that!

This maybe somewhat silly to you or ring clear as a bell! Laughter beyond a doubt is the best medicine! Perhaps the next time I'm at my Doctor I'll ask for some laughter pills just to see the expression on his face!!! HA, HA! Y'all come back now ya here. By the way this old man appreciates those of you from around the globe that somehow have found my humble little site, I proudly call Glen View! Glen

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  1. Sometimes a break is good Glen. As you see, I take them frequently, too frequently !

    I know what you mean about the positive effect of a good laugh. I always tell my "OLDER" half that he should laugh more often. I think it would do him a world of good.

    At the same time, reality is that the world we live in can be a depressing place and unfortunately it isn't all "Puppy Dogs and Rainbows" as you say.

    I don't expect you to always write about happy things, funny things, but when you do, I always get a good smile and many times a good laugh from your humor.

    I also enjoy your more serious side in which I see a lot of WISDOM and COMMON SENSE.........really !!

    Thanks for sharing your "mind" and your "world" with those of us out here in the blogosphere.

    I hope you get to write everything that is in your head that still needs to come out. That means you will live to a ripe old age and be doing something you love to do.

    God Bless