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Friday, February 10, 2012

Water & Stuff & Crap!

Hello once again. Time for some silliness or God knows what! I have no idea what's about to come our way, ain't it wonderful! I fix me a glass of tea and plant my ass in the chair and see where my mind is. I hope I don't scare you too bad! It's just a silly old man who likes to practice typing before he goes to bed, ain't that a hoot! I try to think while I still can! When the mind goes there won't be nothing to type. My blog would look something like this          .              .          . Not a pretty sight aye? Not that it's much now, some mumbo jumbo with some !@#$%^ thrown in for good measure. I see where some cold and strange people have drilled down into the oldest and largest lake in the Antarctica. The hell with the Glacier water! Now we have the oldest most pristine water on the planet. There be billions of $$$$$$ to be made! People be lined up to buy old water. Not the kind of old water we currently have. Currently if you live on a river like the Ohio River, your fresh water comes from the river, you use it, it travels through the sewer and is filtered clean ( Yeah right!!! ) and goes back into the Ohio River. The next community down stream gets water that has been through many, many bladders and the process continues. Remember now the water is filtered clean after each use ( Yeah right!!! ) You understand what I'm saying here, man oh man, what kind of shit ( Ah, ha, ha, a little humor, yuck, yuck, yuck!!! ) You think I'm kidding don't you! Our water is getting so polluted and all of these modern medicines we take where do you think the END product ends up and goes to be reprocessed and made crystal clean like a mountain stream! Them mountain streams are getting contamination from anything and everything in the air, plus now they are adding what is referred to as Chemtrails and nobody knows what's in that! I'm sure it's just some harmless "shit" that's being put in for our own good! ( Yeah right!!! ) Some kind of People Raid to make our shit fluorescent green! Fluoride has been put into our toothpaste and municipal water supply since the fifties to make our teeth whiter and clean up our water and make it fresher. Google this and see where this shit comes from. The good old U. S. of Fluoride A. The rest of the world doesn't use it, but we do! Why? None of this CRAP makes any sense but when dealing with !@#$% nothing does, does it? You think I be pulling your leg! I wish I were! There will be nothing more valueable than fresh water someday!

I hear Billy Bob Wise ass saying "I get my drinking water from them plastic bottles that comes from Glacier water, it's pure clean water, or from fresh clean underground streams." ( Yeah Right!!! )

The way I understand it there "is" Government regulations on our municipal water supplies, but NO regulations about the water that we Ameridummy's drink by the lakes full everyday in them plastic bottles! Okay now! Please tell me this cannot be so! The water we buy and believe we're drinking because it's cleaner, healthier, better for us could be the same water that has been through the gut numerous times or it could be Glacier water, or from underground streams. ( Think about that OR maybe not!!! ) I haven't even talked about possible contamination from the plastic bottles themselves! Anyhow, whether we drink water from our own well driven water supply, OR water from our municipal government controled water supplies, to the fresh pristine water from the plastic bottles we can be sure we're getting the finest water money can buy right???

I would like to try me some of that 20,000,000 year old water from the Antartica lake. If it's been trapped and man hasn't touched it, I betcha it's some good stuff! Can you imagine the value of a lake the size of lake Ontario put into little plastic bottles!



  1. Oh gosh, I haven't finished reading this yet, but I got to the part about water and how funny, I just posted a blog mentioning the water here! Ok, back to reading *smiles*

  2. You must read all of the same things I read judging by some of your blogs. I agree with you on the water and the chemtrails and , well I usually agree with most everything you write. I think I am in the twilight zone and you are one of those people in my head.........or maybe I am one of those people in your head hahaha :-)