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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Crazy Man Typing

Instead of early a m, its late p m in my neighborhood. I want to see what this old boy comes up with, without medicine and not working today. Well I did mow the grass. I have never mowed my grass in March. Usually mid April, but the weather has been most unusual this year, here in the heartland. I'm not complaining.
I thought about, Week In Review as the title for this post. Then I thought about something, I can't remember what I did, or anything else for that matter, that happened this week, so that title doesn't seem right! I remember going to work, but damn after that it seems like a good/bad dream. Maybe I need to keep a diary! I reckon, inadvertently I do, don't I! You're reading it! Actually you're reading some of the madcap madness that's always floating around in my mind. There was this movie called A Beautiful Mind, if I recall correctly with Russell Crowe. What would you call my mind? A Mind After Shock Therapy, or Crazy Man Typing, or Ramblings Of Old Glen, or ?????????


Its now a m and my brain is woozy! No not from alcohol or drugs! Just me, getting sleepy. This is the time I usually type a little somethun, somethun. I'm not sure what to call what I do! Maybe "Silliness Sucks, or Insanity Rules!" Maybe "Junior Bob Bob Unleashed!" How about "Education American Style!" (hahaha) "Heerrr'ss Glennie!" "Glen Just Wants To Have Fun!" Mr. Glen's, Neigh-ba-hood!" "The Burnt Out Side Of My Mind"! "Spontaneous Combustion Brain Survivor Learns To Type!" Old- Feeble-@#$er-Speaks!" How about "Brainless Games!" Make up anything you like, because I don't give a rat's ass, I gotta be me, I gotta be me! I be plum ass silly and I'm proud of it! The silliness and the ramblings of an old man will add years to my life, yes it will! Hallelujah! I have figured out a way of testifying every night before I go to bed. I cleanse my mind, therefore I am! All that other stuff is too complicated for me, like meditation! So I do my own thing! I throw myself out into the satellites and am bounced off going into the depths of the universe! Oh shit! I never thought of it like that before! Into the universe! I don't want no Aliens cruising the planets in the Milky Way Galaxy and tune into Glen View and thinking, "no intelligent life down here!"
Well... Maybe... Just maybe, we could get an Alien Space Ship blasting through one of them worm holes, that shave light years off of their hurried attempt to get to Earth. On the far side of the universe is a planet called Ratsass, and they have been receiving signals from Glen View. The smart satellite/spacephone/intergalactic/thing-a-ma-jig-gee interprets Glen View and believes some crazy person has infiltrated the Internet, disguised as a blogger. The computer reads Glen View as junk mail and releases the signal out into deep space. Where these cute little Aliens read the secret code Rat's Ass used on Glen View. That's the code word, so they jump into their Space Ship to find Glen View. The Aliens track the signal back to the Midwest. There they find the one. The one they have been waiting for, to take back to their planet. To reestablish life as they wish it to be. The one who will reseed their planet. Oh! I failed to mention this planet was home to women waiting for Mr. Glen View. They take Mr. Glen View back to their planet Ratass and the 60 year old Glen becomes 18 years old again on a planet where all women look like Halle Berry, never aging! Poor Galen, as they call him is expected to be the father of all children!
DAMN! THAT IS ONE HELL OF A DREAM, OR A HECK OF AN IMAGINATION STILL LEFT INSIDE THE BURNT OUT CELLS OF A CRAZY OLD MAN! ahhahahahahahahahahahahaha!!! GALEAN      "I'm alive!!! I'm alive!!!" Sorry sometimes I get carried away and damn it's fuun!!! Glen

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  1. Oh my! The Professor, 18 years old on a planet with a million Halle Berry's. I sure hope those aliens give you lots of energy pills cuz you are gonna need it with that many women. That and LOTS of patience.

    Have a great day you !!!