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Wednesday, March 21, 2012

How You Doing?

Man! I had fuun writing my last post! I can really be me now! Oh boy! My heart has been laid bare for all to see! Now, we'll, I mean I'll, really get down to work! I hope you'll ride the galaxy of insanity along with me! It won't cost you much, maybe a few lost brain cells, surely no more than listening to a Politician! All you need do, is tune in and see where my mind goes! The bars to my captivity have been thrown open! I'm free, the limits of my silliness can widen! (Now that's one scary thought!) Just think of the other dimensions, I may cause havoc in! My face alongside the one on Mars! I can become a new ring around Saturn! I could be my own secret weapon, as I time travel making the past/present/future my own! I'm alive! I'M ALIVE!!! (I always wanted to use that line from the Frankenstien movie "He's alive! He's alive!" --- I gotta be me! I gotta be me!

Wow! Too many vitamins, caffeine, sugar in my health drink, soda pop, or lightning drinks, so many different colors, pretty bottles and cans! I tries, em all! All that stuff in them work wonders to an old man's, feeble, depleted body! I say to you out there simple words, that say so much, "YA-HOO!!!" For awhile, I'm young, alive! I better hurry this post along before I start to come down from whatever!

Is it just me? OR is Drug Stores, actually all stores, that sell regular liquor, expanding the liquor part of their stores, as well as the drug part of their stores??? (I love them little question marks and exclaimation points!!! If one is good then 3 is better!!!) I go to one of them all night big box stores to get some doggie food and some aleve, to aleve my daily arthritis pain. Since I work the graveyard shift and have many, many, problems, I prefer going in the early am. I don't like being around a lot of people in my old age. I like peace, and as much lessening of confusion and needless tension you see. So I can go in and get whatever I want and only have to play obstacle course with the oodles and oodles of pallets, boxes and aisle closings. I manage this type of obstacles easier. Damn! I originally had a point before I went into outer space without a space ship! Oh! Oh! Oh! I remember now! I wanted a gallon of distilled water and in my searching, I come across a big ass aisle of nothing but beer, wine and that hard liquor! That hard liquor was in the largest bottles I have ever seen! Damn this must be alcoholics Christmas Wonderland every day! Can't you imagine my Uncle Earl, an alcoholic who's long gone, seeing this much liquor in one place. Only in his drunken stupor and mind altering visions could he of thought of this much liquor! He would of thought he was in alcoholic's heaven!

Unfortunately this seems to tell the times we live in! Over medicated, drink too much, smoke too much, eat too much, watch tv too much, listen to, damn I can't bring myself to say it! I'll rearrange some letters to camouflage it! Listen to Polluterticians too much, and my, my, my, my, you cannot go NOOO WHERE, without one of them Devil toys stuck to some one's head! There is only one thing you cannot get too much of! My silliness! I'll be silly for you, so no one will think you're crazy! Ah, ha, ha, ha, ha, ha! Glen

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  1. I've noticed the same thing about the liquor section in stores AND I have noticed liquor in stores that never used to sell it. But if you REALLY want to see a huge liquor section of a store, go down to Louisiana. Half of the store's shelves are filled with every liquor imaginable and then there are two aisles of food.........I am only slightly exaggerating here !!