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Saturday, March 24, 2012


HELLO!!! If you're reading this, then you're aware that I like to type whatever is in my cranium, just before I go to bed. This little attempt at an old man, that be ME, in learning to type. Notice, I didn't say learning how to write! I be too old to cross the t's and dot the i's. Dad burn it, the computee thing a ma jiggee does it for me. I call my computer, Hewie Picardo. It has the initials H. P. so that's why. Although my first choice was also nice. What? Did I hear someone ask "what was my first choice?" Horatio Pumpernickle, just didn't have the ring to it! Hewie, sounds cute and funny, at least to me! I always loved the name of the captain in Star Trek, The Next Generation, John Luke Picard. It sounds so, so uppity, and so Captainish! (Don't worry yer heads, if yer thinkun, that ain't no word! Anything be possible here on Glen View!) So I added an o, to make it more ME! I think it sounds soo ---- ME!

I bought my first computer actually less than two years ago. I hooked up to the internet and damn, I have all this power to search and read and go places Glen has never gone before. So I dilly-dallied, here and there. I quickly realize, oopsey! What was I thinking! BIG TIME!!! Every one that has a blog can write, much righter, than me! So I be down in the dumps. (depressed) Never the less, I had a will, and you know what they say "where there is a will, there is a way!" I do not know, who They are, but I have heard They, used an awful lot, and They, must be pretty damn smart, because They get, talked about a lot!

There be Them and They, that actually seemed to me to be able to type right nicely, using them BIG WORDS, that I do not understand! I be even more down in the dumps! You know why? I mean do you REALLY want too know WHY??? Okay since you asked for it! I'm an older man, and I do not have the time to learn everythaang! That, I need to know about computers, English, typing! Shit! I ain't never typed in my whole life! Nope! Nada! Why not a? Becaus-a, I ain't nev-errr needed tooo! I would be long dead and nev-errr posted a damn thing!!!

Them, They types of people, are highly educated. I cannot compete with, They! So's, (I just love how so's, sounds!) I read some more of them, They people blogs, and one day I realized somethaang! Them, They people, ain't most of the people, in the world!!! We real people, never went to college, most likely! We like to read, but get pissed off (They would nev-errr use a lowly word like pissed!) at some of them big words! You know what I mean! Sure we, we people can read the sentence and figure them big words out, but them, They people, are trying to show how much smarter, They are! Well! Them, They ones, can kiss an old man's ass!

Anyhow, I would read where, They would take 2,000 word to say what I could in a few hundred words. And statistics, wow, do They love statistics and references and so on and so forth! I be bored out of my fricking mind and forget what the hell They were talking about! Then I realized somethunn! It be like watching Politicians! Have you ever watched Politicians in the House or Senate taping themselves, talking to themselves, about somethunn or the otherr! I watched this Comedy Channel one night for awhile, only it was real!

So's I find them, They ones that knows everythaang about everythaang, BORING! Not only that it was like reading, peat and repeat!

I just want to learn to type a little, play around with writing a little! I ain't never going to write, right! You see I think there is room for everybody, all kinds in this big old world! My style, if I have a style, and hope, I never do, is to simply, write whatever comes into my mind, have some fun. Bring a little humor into our everyday life, by simply, just being ME! So that my friends is what Glen View is all about in a nut shell! Well I sure as hell cannot sum it up any better than that!!! Glen

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  1. I'm glad you are not one of "THEM" ! Great blog and so true. I'm glad there are real people out there like you who write the way you do. I enjoy everything you write and I would have passed you by very quickly if you were one of "THEM"