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Friday, March 9, 2012

I Just...

have to let you know... I just have to let go... and that be right here on my very own, insanity and silliness blog... fer the whole world to see... yes I do-oo-oo! What kind of an old man am I? I be a silly one, can't you tell by now! There be highly gifted, high I. Q wise ones. Well la-de-da, some people I know have little i q, so I reckon them Genius ones stole some of the little i q ones apparently! That makes sense to me, them smart ones, always stealing from the little ones. Big I. Q crooks and bullies! Some people have all the luck. Some people be naturally talented or gifted at say music, or the arts. Some are natural athletes who make a heap O money with little round balls and such. Some people I'll call them ordinary people, who don't have any of the good abilities in life, love to go to these Roman type coliseums and watch these athletes do their thing, oh yeah! Now if-un an old man like me remembers correctly, when I was a young Roman slave, them Gladiators fought to the death and them pretty leaders in dresses bet on their favorite Gladiator. I'll just bet them Gladiators weren't to glad about the whole fighting to the death part! So's them big muscular athletes fight to live and if history is correct, or is it Hollyweird's word? I have lived so long and the stories and truth seem to get lost with every new Emperor! I have trouble remembering, truth, fiction, fantasy, sorry us old men do become forgetful. Well you understand each new leader has their own agenda and we commom people get confused, easy.

I be one of the ordinary folk, average i. q. never excelled at anything. I live my life as the average Joe, oopsey, Glen. What the hell is wrong with working for a living, not doing drugs, not spending time in jail, always doing my best? Ain't nothing wrong with honesty, is there? Ain't nothing wrong with thinking is there? Ain't nothing wrong with giving my opinion is there? Ain't nothing wrong with speaking through my heart is there?

Why is it, I feel like the last kid picked in games? I try as hard as I can, no matter what I attempt! Remember the story of "The Little Train That Could," you know, the big mighty train was broken, so the Little Train told himself "I think I can pull them rail cars, I think I can," guess what he did! We the Little Trains, try as hard as we can are getting a mite tired, of all the laws being passed to protect certain few! Who be these few? These few be the Criers! We the average work hard raising our families, pay our taxes, go to Sunday school and cause no trouble ain't them! No sir! We have NO-body watching are back, never have! If your a special interest group, the laws are wrote to protect you, yes they are! You're not a legal resident, automatically you demand rights. Rights to what? We the regular tax paying, good ol citizens pay for your child's schooling and healthcare, yes we do! Yet you picket as illegal aliens for equal rights, you think your better than me, who has paid taxes for a lifetime, yes you do! You demand! Demand ain't a nice word, no it ain't! I demand you go back and earn a living in your own country and picket and demand, yes I do! You fix your own country before demanding my rights, yes sir! Amen!

I may not be doing a satisfactory job of explaining, but why do we the load bearing foundation of a skyscraper to hell, not get our just do? H-a-l-l-e-l-u-j-a-h!!! Brothers and Sisters! I find myself testifying again tonight, there ain't nothing wrong with that, I can't help myself! Whow-wee!Your skin color is not what I be talking about. It be the fraction that demand! Yes they do! We the regular folk better be demanding, BIG-TIME! Instead of being the damned! It's damn if we do and damn if we don't! We are not being heard, we are being overlooked, we need to be HEARD!!! A-M-E-N!!! I'm feeling good!

So, on one end of the spectrum, you have rich powerful lobbyist, doing the thing, for the rich folk as in corporations, banks and such. On the other end you have the whatch-a-ma-call them few percentile losers (Whoops did I say that? I didn't mean to say that! Yes I did!!!)

Any-who! Whoo, be looking out for us? We, the ones, who do the work,  pay our taxes and be good? NOBODY, we ain't "demanding" loud enough! No we aren't! We best be getting us some of them lobbying ones! OR MAYBE, WHEN WE GET TO BE ONE OF THEM SMALL PERCENTILE WHATCH-A-MA-CALL-THEM GROUPS, LIKE SAY THE BIG MOUTH ALIENS, FROM PLANET UP-YOUR-ANUS! ONLY THEN WILL THE LAW ABIDING, FAMILY RAISING, HONEST, HARD WORKING JOE'S AND JOSEPHINES BECOME EQUAL!!!   Nah! That was just a dream I had, where the GOOD people get their rights! Dag gone it, that felt really good!!!  GLEN

1 comment:

  1. There ya go ! You say all the things that I think about but don't always know how to put into words. Now you know what I mean about "tired".
    Thanks for putting a voice to that tiredness for me. I guess I am just too tired to do it hahaha.

    Now I am off to make that smoothie you recommended.

    Have a very nice weekend Glen.