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Friday, March 16, 2012

SILLY THOUGHT TIME "what other kind is there?"

Let's plaa "Wheel uf---Thoughts!" It that be Ok with U. Ah oh! Seems I'm amiss on a cylinder or two! What's Up!

I had a thought as I was making a delivery tonight in the early AM hours. I'm going to try to recapture it. I was theorizing about Theories, Physicist and how they try to use mathematical equations to explain theories. Yikes I'm bored too death already! Where in tarnation did that thought come from! You know the kind of Scientist that specialize in thinking about theories. You know like uncle Einstien and all that silly looking mathematical stuff on black boards. I think uncle Albert took naps and an Alien from another dimension would slip through a slippery space in time and so on and so forth and give uncle Alby some help. Yep! That's what I theorize! These Scientist fellas are always talking about old uncle Einstien and all his theories. Every blasted photo I ever seen of Uncle A. he looks awfully sleepy. I say he would be theorizing and his mind would go to dream state and with the help of them Aliens, he was able to come up with a lot of theories. He be theorizing about this and theorizing about that! He would go over to his blackboard and draw some nonsense that only Aliens, Time Travelers or only a few people in the world could theorize!

We r-e-g-l-a-r (Oopsey! Seems, I forgot u in that equation, I'll just hit my little spell checky Alien thingee, did he have something like this?) people haven't the foggiest ideas about all this mathematical goings on, do we? Hell no! We normal people don't deal in "theories" we deal in factorama's! Yep! That there, be a fact! We cannot theorize us a couple gallons ol' gasoline! We must BUY it! If I go to my local Convenience Store and pump me some gasoline, go inside and get me some munchies and a BIG GULP, I cannot draw me some fancy looking Alien from a slippery space lines on a piece of paper and tell the 250 pound, tattoo, metal studs in their lower lip, with one also in the tongue, some piece of bone through the nose, lower ears with big round, not ear rings some quarter sized plastic looking whatch-a-ma-call-thems, cut and inserted in them! I DO NOT think the Mr. Bro Cashier no matter how stupid he looks would take a theoretical mathematical paper! WOULD HE???

I just had a chuckle! I want you to play along with me, PLEASE? Bring up your imagination and pretend what Mr. Bro Cashier with one of them studs in his tongue would talk like? Aw come on! That's funny all by itself!

I hand Bro the piece of paper as serious as I can be and say "this theoretical piece of paper is worth a
lot more than my gasoline."

Bro looks at me and it might go something like this "th, th, th. wat kinee ooo thit r uw pllun unn mee?

I see he be getting mad! His slobbering increases, his studs in his lower lip start quivering, the one itty bittty ring in his left eyebrow goes up and down, his Fu Manchu string like beard on his chin, starts going from side too side like a pendulum!!! His dragon tattoos on each arms are breathing fire, I think to myself "this here Bro doesn't understand how valueable this Theoretical Mathematical Alien Equation is!

Bro slobbers Okay! 

My mind has shut down, that be all FOLKS!!!  Professor of "Theoretical Shit" Glen

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