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Sunday, March 4, 2012

My Way...

What is my way? Beats the shucky derns out of me! I be me an individual shaped by every word that I ever read. (Why would the last word in the last sentence I just wrote not be red,-- instead of read, beats the snot out of me, what about you? I see some English major, or someone snottier than old Glen rollling their eyes, or looking down at my silliness. That be A--O-K. That's why I love soo much to be, act and write silly, to give smiles to y'all and it also brings smiles to me, yep, BIG TIME!) I'm an individual that am part of everyone I've met. I'm an individual shaped by all the programs watched as a child. Every song I've ever heard, every intelligent or every asinine conversation from all forms of direct or indirect communication, yes I am and I can't help to let you know! I'm still being molded not by a sculptor, although the big guy in the sky may have a purpose for me! I won't rule anything out in my lifetime of looking for MY WAY!

I do not hear as well as I once did! But I believe I see better than ever! I see my way with every fiber of my being. My heart is getting old, that's just life. The o'l pumper doesn't pump as good as it once did. Doesn't matter, I feel MORE than I ever did. I feel the load of people everywhere. We working class are overloaded and have no one to turn to! That's a fact! Pray to your God, ask for help for all of mankind to become kind to one another!

In our heart and souls we share a connection. We must tune into the same energy to enlighten all of mankind! WE aren't the problem of the world! You listen to your OWN heart it will tell you! OUR souls, are, the same, made from the same energy! WE are BROTHERS and SISTERS! WE know that! Listen to YOUR heart! WE listen to the wrong ones! (Who possess no hearts!) Why? We wish for answers to our problems, so men give us answers! "IN ABSENCE OF LEADERSHIP, PEOPLE WILL LISTEN TO WHOMEVER IS DOING THE TALKING!" I've forgotten where that quote or something rather similar comes from. AIN'T it, the truth! WE listen to all, they have to be smarter than US! (You damn toot-in they be smarter than US! They have all OUR money! That ain't funny though!

I grew up going to Sunday school and my family attended a simple but lively church and them few simple folk knew how to have church services! They all got involved, they would testify and sometimes the Testifier would raise the roof yes sir! Their spirit cried out and all felt it!!! The spirit of all connected and it was glorious! We were one and the SAME! If that kind of TOGETHERNESS could only connect WE THE PEOPLE OF THE WORLD!!! It would be GLORIOUS, yes it would!

Watch out now, I'm on the verge of testifying to ALL my FRIENDS out there! WE may think WE'RE down and out. WE need to unite as ONE to overcome OUR enemies! WE are more than the few who lead us to armageddon! WE must come TOGETHER, yes WE do! WE are shaped by shape shifters who are smooth as honey, yes they are! They're well versed in the words of domination and control, yes they are! Money and the most expensive schools are they! WE are MORE than fancy smancy words! The words they speak, aren't even their words, they have the fanciest, smanciest writers $$$$'s buy writing the words coming out of their mouths. They be wolves in sheeps clothing, yes they are!  

What be My Way? My Way comes from deep within! WE ALL, must listen and hear! Don't listen with ears, that be the problem, we listen too much! Listen to the child within. The child thinks through his heart, yes he does!


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  1. You put into words some of my very same thoughts which I wish I could get out for others to read. I hope you always do things YOUR WAY. Always follow what you know in your heart is the way to go. We don't have to listen to what the evil soul-less ones tell us.
    Just like you say, we need to tune in to the child within, to the heart.......there is where the wisdom lies.